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Free advice for those who need it


As the title says.
Ask me advice regarding anything (except games) and I'll do my best to help you out.


How do you be more empathetic?

I need to learn how to fake empathy better. >~>


Observe those around you who are empathetic. See what sets them apart from non-empathetic folk. It's gonna take some time but it's the most effective method.


wa.... STAPH!!! THOSE ARE MY SECRETS!!! don't throw them out randomly like dat OWO!!! I can't survive like this


Thank you, oh wise yellow sphere. May you find peace one day.

Sad Otaku @samsung1 commented on Free advice for those who need it
Sad Otaku @samsung1
Aug 15, 19 at 2:28am

How do i kill of my emotions.
<<I get to attached to things or people to quickly.>>
I see an insect on the ground with a leg missing, struggling to walk.
And i spend an hr watching it while crying, wishing i could help.


Normally I would say that it's a personal problem.
Watch anime. Hang out with friends but be back home before evening. Don't get drunk.....
Honestly anyone is free to add their suggestions coz this is a difficult question

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