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Hard to swallow pills.

let's share some hard and hurtful truths, those are hard to looking at... let's me start to give you an idea : " Girls actually like nice guys, but you are probably not as nice of a guy as you think you are "
Aug 09, 19 at 5:22pm
your appearance will sway how people judge you and thats just nature
Everything in your past has happened. You and others might forget about it later on, but it still happened.
She/He could say that its the truth! but could be a complete lie :P
Aug 09, 19 at 5:34pm
This account has been suspended.
She moved on, she doesn't love you anymore...
-You can always be manipulated and not know it -Some people you hate for things that they've done are innocent and you just don't know the circumstances -The same can happen to you at any time just being in the wrong place, wrong time, or dealing with the wrong person -"There is no happily ever after. The show must go on. I guess until it doesn't"-Bojack -Time is a finite resource that you cannot trade, store, or get back. You can only keep losing it. -Most people do not give a flying fuck about you. This could be good or bad news depending on the circumstances -There are wonderful people with amazing lives that you would absolutely find happiness with were you to be a part of it. and you will never even be a cliff note in their story. -It's not all or even mostly about you -You are incredibly vulnerable in this fickle universe. You can do everything right in your job and be stuck because everyone else has nepotism. You can love someone with all of your heart and they can destroy you. You can exercise, eat right, and live healthy and get run over by someone who was too drunk or busy on their phone to pay attention. -Most people want you to remain a cog in their machine. -Life is not easy or fair.
Aug 09, 19 at 5:37pm
what people call "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, then it slowly fades. So Your undying love for someone is eventually meaningless.
you walked to a same path with her, while she's secretly walking to a new one :P
Aug 09, 19 at 5:58pm
This account has been suspended.
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