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Anime you never could get into yet the opening is insanely catchy


Everyone has their own anime tastes and preferences. But have you encountered an anime you never enjoyed from the start but for some weird always come back to listen to the opening song over and over again because of how ridiculously catchy it is. Welp, that's what this thread is all about!

I'll go first. I might get a lot of hate for this cause I know it has its fans, and if you like it I totally understand why and respect your opinion but... I don't like Lucky Star. >:

I was in high school roughly around 2006 or 2007 when this anime hit massive popularity among anime fans. I tried to watch a few episodes of it but I personally didn't get it. I was soooo bored just forcing myself to watch one single episode. I've heard that it does get better later on when it starts making popular culture references from other anime and video games. I just couldn't find myself continuing. However, that said, the Lucky Star Opening is insanely catchy like it gets stuck in your head catchy. It's so random but in the amazing cute way that it's difficult not to love.

Another anime opening I really like is from an anime that disappointed me greatly. I don't know if anyone has ever seen or heard of this anime, but it's called This Ugly yet Beautiful World.

I really love the colors in the animation for this opening. I don't know the name of the the singer but she has such a passionate, powerful, and not to mention beautiful singing voice. The problem for me was the bad writing on the show that made it suffer, or else I actually would've liked it more. The concept was pretty fascinating itself and the opening is still pretty awesome.

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