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What Anime Character Are You?


I noticed there are too many "Which ____ character are you?" sites that work differently. Some with malicious pop-ups.

First image is from first link, second image is second link. I find Yui more interesting, but I do have some similarities to Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki Nagato, Mashiro Shiina, L (maybe), Mio Akiyama and Konata Izumi.

Jul 23, 19 at 1:57pm

That second link doesn't really work since it links directly to the results page rather than the quiz itself.

Jul 23, 19 at 1:58pm


Jul 30, 19 at 7:16am

I got sensitive anime guy

Jul 30, 19 at 7:29am

pretty generic answers and anime characters, but im flattered to be compared to such a famous waifu

Jul 30, 19 at 7:45am

got two anime girls despite putting myself as male on both tests... wat

Jul 30, 19 at 7:47am

you are a feminine boy Ototo-kun.

Jul 30, 19 at 7:50am

apparently so >-<

Jul 30, 19 at 7:59am

On the first i got Sensitive anime guy
You are sweet and kind. You aren't that popular, but every girl that dates you knows that you will never cheat on them. You are an understanding person that girls love when they get to know you.
seems pretty true.

Jul 30, 19 at 8:03am

Second one says i am Luffy from one piece err well nah.

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