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What's great about dating you?

Jul 14, 19 at 7:17am

Since we have a "What's the hardest part about dating YOU?" thread, i thought a thread showing off the highlights of being with you would be a good contrast.

Jul 14, 19 at 7:19am

I have a quality you'll rarely find these days, loyalty!
I'm also someone you can be honest with.

Jul 14, 19 at 7:23am

Glorious, prepare for a novel.

Just kidding. I'll keep it short.

I love to make someone feel special and spoil them.
I'm honest, open, relaxed, and I always stand behind my significant other if they are in need.
Lastly, I'm strong. I take the lead.

Bonus: Cuddly af.

Jul 14, 19 at 7:25am

That I'm playful, loyal and a good communicator.

Jul 14, 19 at 7:34am

My honor is loyalty. I will do whatever you want with you, wanna cuddle you big time.

Jul 14, 19 at 7:45am

1: I'd never cheat.
2: I keep my house clean.
3: I can support myself. :D
4: I can walk through a room full of murders, rapist, drug dealers, thieves...ect... And not flinch.
5: I like trains.

Plus, I like the question game. You ask a question and I answer honestly. :P

Jul 14, 19 at 7:45am

it's a bit sad but... man I really can't think of more things to post here
I'm not great to date at all!..

Jul 14, 19 at 7:48am

@Cheeto or maybe you have not found someone that appreciates you how you are?

Jul 14, 19 at 10:32am

Loyal, would never cheat.
Can support myself, I even own my own house.
I can be very playful to the right person, but normally very quiet.
A perv.
Love to cuddle.
I'm a stay at home kind of person over a going out every night type of person.
My belly would make a good pillow.
I'm honest about things.
People have said i'm kind.
I love cats.

Pretty trash at everything else though so...

Jul 14, 19 at 10:36am

in this day and age to own your own house is a huge plus, good for you CAC

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