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How do I work this site

Jul 12, 19 at 8:38am

Is this site not properly supported on mobile? Seems really difficult to use

Jul 12, 19 at 8:38am

im not sure how mobile functions, why not try pc?


yeah I tried mobile ... Oh god it's buggy

Jul 12, 19 at 8:46am

I tried mobile. Does not work so well. That being said...

Welcome to MO. I hope you have fun here and make plenty of friends. :)


Lol I forgot---

Jul 12, 19 at 9:24am

I've gotten used to mobile, but yeah it's shitty and needs a revamp. Welcome to the site.

Jul 12, 19 at 11:53am

Aye it wouldn't even let me reply to a thread on mobile lol


it srsly is shitty on mobile... and you need to write a chaptcha if you didn't noticed it god it's sooo buggy XD

Jul 12, 19 at 11:55am

The chaptcha didn't even appear for me, just not going to bother with mobile from now on

Jul 12, 19 at 12:33pm

mobile works right for me. Which browser?

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