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Anyone Have Dating site Suggestions?


Ive never really tried it before, but does anyone have any good Dating site suggestions? It seems more and more difficult to meet people irl these days, so maybe dating sites are the way to go. Any thoughts?


not many couples but a decent amount
most don't last but more people who've gotten married/live together exist here
more so then I know from other sites.

Jul 10, 19 at 6:44pm

srsly I vote for Maiotaku too every love relationship starts with a good friendship IMO and on MO you get both :p


|ω´・;) ?

Jul 10, 19 at 6:45pm

Jul 10, 19 at 6:50pm


iv tried the other "geek" dating sites and theyr all vacant

Jul 10, 19 at 6:51pm

They are, I can easily vouch for that @lamby. I was on so many dating sites and I can tell you right now, nearly all of them have 0 nerds, they all talk about the same boring crap, it just sucks.

Jul 10, 19 at 6:52pm

so MO is the only one with flavor eh? :p

Jul 10, 19 at 6:54pm

yeah it sucks

i remember trying to use geek2geek but all the users were gone and if constantly wanted me to pay them

maiotaku is a cut above the rest


That's because its most active users don't use I as a dating site.

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