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Anime Adaptations You’re Most Excited For

. @willurameshi
Jul 09, 19 at 12:44am

For me... Steel Ball Run, Pluto, and AoT season 4.


same, Steel Ball Run, and Komi-san :3


right now only vinland saga :3 it aired already but yeah... waiting for binge watch intensifies*

. @willurameshi commented on Anime Adaptations You’re Most Excited For
. @willurameshi
Jul 09, 19 at 12:56am

Dude, I seriously need to check out Vinland Saga after I finish 20th Century Boys. I hear if you love Berserk it’s a must.

If Jojo’s ever got big enough it’d be amazing to see a Steel Ball Run movie with the toppest of top notch sound/animation for the Gyro/Johnny vs Valentine fight.


mhhh well you can say it's a revenge manga with vikings and it's very a good read I'm happy dat wit studio does the animation instead of whitefox... they would have butchered this hust*


im so conflicted

part of me REALLY wants to see komi-san in anime form but another is really scared how they could ruin it

even more so with chainsaw man

the fanmade action scenes are fucking amazing but fuck what if its given an adaption and its horrible or even just mediocre (or anything less then amazing)


id like to see chi no wadachi get an anime

just because of how cold and slow burning it is i feel like it would be an uncomfortably comfortable watch


I feel you. I hope a GOOD studio picks up Chainsawman or Jujutsu Kaisen. The reasons why Boku no Hero and Demon Slayer succeeded were because of having a great studio handle it with amazing animation and pacing. Choose a good team and you should be watchable. Toei aside, most long runners would be lucky to be handled well in the long run in anime form.

Nice fan animation by the way.

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