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what is your favorite game? uwu


include your fav childhood game as well!!
animal crossing for gamecube is both my childhood and fav of all time qwq
tell me about yours~

Jun 26, 19 at 7:45am


Jun 26, 19 at 7:59am

Pokemon Black and White

Jun 26, 19 at 8:08am

Suikoden 2; the story touched my heart and the music was so touching at times. I beat that game idk how many times, but the series has gone way down hill since those days. Only thing close to that feel would have to be Final Fantasy 7.

Jun 26, 19 at 8:19am

Mount and blade Warband, got over a thousand hours on steam, although I shouldn't brag about that ...

Jun 26, 19 at 8:19am


Jun 26, 19 at 8:24am

Never really had a single favorite game. My favorite genres are jrpgs and metroidvanias though.

My favorite series atm is the Trails series (Trails in the Sky, Trails of Cold Steel), because its currently a 9 game long interconnected narrative (story is said to be roughly 60% done at this point). Never seen a series with this much world build and character development (even among shop owners and other random NPCs), and really curious to see where it goes as we start moving towards the final chapters.


there is only ONE: PROJECT DIVA 2ND ... It brought VOCALOID in my LIFE


Half-life 3

Jun 26, 19 at 8:54am

Favorite game of 2018? Kingdom Come Deliverance
Favorite Game of 2019? I don't know yet
Favorite game of all time? I really don't know there are no perfect games. If you want to see what other games I play check out my steam account.

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