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Please make the new interface a more happier color scheme. Dark grey is like death not love.

i feel like were all at a funeral. the site feels souless now.. a more cheerful color scheme would be brilliant. heck even the old red and white went better with the dating theme than this charcoal grey smog color. please consider. thx in advance.
The white was horrible on the eyes though.
I'm personally in favor if optional color schemes themed after anime tags. Like: High school romcom | Classic Old colors. Supernatural horror | Current colors Moe Blob | Use of soft, Pastel colors Fantasy/Iseikai | Use of red and scroll textured tan for posts Stuff like that. Though that might be a lot of work, but at least those of us more sensitive to dark or light colors would have more options. Personally the dark is harder on my eyes than the white was, but different eyes, different tolerance levels.
Let's be honest most of us are in a dark room anyway right guys... guys...
All my setting on must sites I use are in dark theme easier on the eyes.
im scared of change but i feel like the new layout is an improvement harder to navigate for newer users i feel like though the grey and white kinda make reading even harder for me xD i ask maybe have a setting to turn dark mode on and off? its pretty common on different sites
This is better for your eyes. And my eyes. Dont wanna burn my eyes out with the white.
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