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Need some new Anime!

May 15, 19 at 1:01pm

Hey wasup,

I'm a little new to the site and low key excited to have more anime conversations.
One piece is my crack so.....

Get at me and we'll shoot the ishh ^_^

May 15, 19 at 3:19pm

do you read any manga :3? if so whats your favorite?

also, welcome!


Greetings... as you make friends, you can check out other people's watchlists and see what they've rated highly and go off of that. Do you have a particular favorite genre of anime or just want a feel for a little bit of everything?

May 16, 19 at 2:27pm

Hello there, welcome.

CAC commented on Need some new Anime!
May 17, 19 at 7:37am


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