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Need some new Anime!

May 15, 19 at 1:01pm

Hey wasup,

I'm a little new to the site and low key excited to have more anime conversations.
One piece is my crack so.....

Get at me and we'll shoot the ishh ^_^

May 15, 19 at 3:19pm

do you read any manga :3? if so whats your favorite?

also, welcome!

May 16, 19 at 1:45am

Greetings... as you make friends, you can check out other people's watchlists and see what they've rated highly and go off of that. Do you have a particular favorite genre of anime or just want a feel for a little bit of everything?

May 16, 19 at 2:27pm

Hello there, welcome.

CAC commented on Need some new Anime!
May 17, 19 at 7:37am


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