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One Happy Thing Every Day


So this thread was originally made by aho girl known as Sleepy Sheepy Chan at the moment. I thought this thread was a wonderful idea as it was something meaningful compared to some of the other threads and spread positive vibes. Sadly it got somewhat buried but fear not for I've been given the honor to revive it once more.

I will be making it my personal goal to write down one good thing no matter how big or small each day and I encourage the rest of you to join in with me too :D

As for the rules, don't put any "buts" as tempting as it may be and no self deprecating comments either. Happiness only please! ^o^


Now then, to start things off.

My one happy thing was that I got offered a position today as a data entry coordinator and entry level web designer. Pretty exciting stuff ^~^


My happy thing is I wrote 1k words today!


I sort of made a declaration of love to a wonderful person that has come to mean a lot to me.

May 07, 19 at 12:32am

My 22nd birthday and the 22nd anniversary of the first GTO manga release are on the same day, May 14th, 2019. I probably should have saved this one for said day.


Oh this is a cool thread :O My happy thing is that I've been enjoying talking to a person whom I know is going to continue being a great friend :D


My one happy thing for today was that I had a very delicious lunch that just sparked up my mood a whole bunch :)


My one happy thing is I've started applying for jobs.

Baka @reinhardt76 commented on One Happy Thing Every Day
Baka @reinhardt76
May 07, 19 at 3:58pm
This account has been suspended.

My one happy thing was to log in to social media, to see all postive vibes form my followers (audio thing).
Nice 'feel'.

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