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Hi what up new here

Mar 15, 19 at 12:07pm

Ay everyone!^^ my friends call me Neon Dance because I like Neon and I love to dance to anime songs anyway I'm new here and really would like for us to be friends if that's alright with you, here is a song I like to dance to the most when I dance alone haha

Anyway love anime and manga's.

aho girl commented on Hi what up new here
aho girl
Mar 15, 19 at 1:10pm

Heya! ^o^ Nice to meet you Neon Dance and welcome to MaiOtaku.

CAC commented on Hi what up new here
Mar 15, 19 at 1:13pm


Mar 15, 19 at 3:11pm

It's nice to meet you and I hope you like the site!

Neon as in neon colors, or as in the elemental gas Neon? Or the lights and art that are made with the gas "Neon lights" (usually in a tube form)

Heh I'm curious, maybe you can show your dancing off some time yeah?!?

Mar 15, 19 at 3:24pm

Hello there Neon Dance, welcome.

Mar 15, 19 at 4:51pm

Welcome and enjoy making more friends!

Mar 15, 19 at 5:49pm

Enjoy your time here!

Mar 15, 19 at 5:49pm

Dancing to anime song ... u yiis :D Warm welcome :D

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