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Mental health / personal difficulties


Thought it'd be nice to open a thread for anyone who's going through some sort of hardship or has been for a long time and share your experiences and also advice on how you got through the situations or get by everyday.
So I'll start off with my self.

Basically I've had depression and anxiety for the last 15 or so years , so pretty much my childhood basically cos I have autism and aspergers syndrome. Haven't had a great few years due to it, had to drop out and change college after my second year in because I was struggling to keep up with assignment loads , was told i had to catchup or I had to change course and there was only a sports course avaliable and im not really a fitness guy so that was a straight big fat bye from me. (Wasn't really a great college anyway) orginally wanted to stay on the course I was on originally which was animal care L2 cos i love animals but I had to swap to a customer service course L1 at a nearby training service facility provided by my council so I completed that and then wasn't sure where to go from there cos I didn't want to go back to the college I was at previously. I tried to apply for several IT courses at a bunch of different places in my region but didn't get accepted to any of them so I basically sank into an abyss and didn't know what to do anymore cos I love technology and animals but my dreams were shattered basically after college.

Since then I've been a Neet living at home with my mum, had to care for my dad when he was diagnosed with lung cancer but we sadly lost him in late 2017 as it became terminal, it wasnt all bad though during the last few months he had, we actually did alot of things like getting him back on a bike n he got married to my mum even though they both didnt care about being officially married, to them it was a bit of paper but to me it meant he was offically my dad (my real dad left me when i was too young to remember, never met the guy n never want to after the fact he doesnt care about me at all and the fact he would rather ring my mum instead of me and try it on with her even though shes now a widow), it's now just me , her and the pack of fluffies but we're in the process of having to move home again due to our supposed friend who's our landlord wants to sell the house she promised us for life because she wants to do up her new husbands house and fix it up as a retirement home so we're trying to find somewhere that's accepting of our low income and also the amount of dogs we have because most places don't allow more than 1 so it's extremely difficult atm and very distressing

I know alot of the things I've said have been quite depressing and quite sad but I try to stay positive by keeping my mind occupied by doing other things such as learning new things, playing video games, listening to music, walking my dogs every day, doing my chores etc but as of lately I've just hit rock bottom and I feel like I've been to hell and back. It happens alot to me but I'm used to it now and I remind myself that one day I'll get through it all and I'll save up enough money and visit japan , which has been my dream ever since I saw the last samurai. The beauty of that film is what got into loving all japanese related things.

If you have any stories or anything you'd like to share about yourself please feel free to add them to the post. I'd like to get to know people better and learn about all of you, if you prefer you may also speak with me privately if you feel uncomfortable posting it publicly, I'm very open minded and I am respectful of others wishes so I wouldn't pass on any information you tell me unless you wanted me to, I like being able to talk with people 1 to 1 because I feel like I build stronger friendships with people who have been in similar scenarios and in my opinion it helps build up trust of whoever I speak with.

But anyway I'm looking forward to reading all about yourselves and I hope that whatever any of you are or have been through has improved since and that you're doing well now ^-^

*edit* holy sh-- I didn't think I posted that much about myself but I think my mobile data would disagree >w<


Life is difficult, I hope everything gets better! Thanks for making this thread and sharing your own story! I'm not good at wording, so my words are plain...


Yeah life is quite difficult, but that's sometimes the joy of it. We all go through things that make us all unique. I believe everyone should be able to express themselves freely and talk about their life experiences as one day it could actually make a difference and help guide someone who may be in a similar situation. Sometimes being plain about things is actually best thing you can do so thank you for your addition and thank you for the kind support @enki


My life hasn't been miserable,I believe~Basic needs have been satisfied, I mean. Currently, I work on my own self-actualization alone.I'm slightly anxious about future because of uncertainties~ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ...ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ

What a pity, I'm not good at talking to every a result, I cannot really help tons of people~~


Sometimes we have good or bad starts in life, we cannot foresee our future but can foresee our dreams and choose what is important to ourselves overtime . So you're self employed? That sounds very nice, sometimes working for yourself is better than working for others and being forced to do what they want. What sort of work is it you do and what is it that you're anxious about?


hey my life has been super hard lately, nothing is going right and i get angry/annoyed at anything


Hi, I am glad you wrote it down ... is good to let it all out sometimes :) I realy wish you save up enough to visit Japan (my dream to).
Regarding depression and anxiety only decent advice I could give, try treat yourself as much as you can even if you feel it will not make a differance.
Fav meal, Fav song, walk in Fav place, Fav movie..those little things build up :)

Actualy I might have 2 solution, try to find hobby that will keep you busy, take your mind off bad things ...and It does not matter what people think, pick a hobby that will make YOU happy :)
(my where Karate, Photography, PC(in general), Tech, Sound Quality System, MUSIC, drawing, traveling etc.)

Solution no 3. (more then I would think I would come up at this late at night).
Try to sorrund yourself with good people, circle does not need to be big, pick people who would make you happy, so each conversation, interaction would make you happy.


Interesting. You're a lot like me. I contracted anxiety and mild depression in my early 20s, not as a boy. I have had aspergers all my life, but I don't like to talk about it very often and I prefer people refer to me by my name rather than the condition. I don't know about your life, but in mine the condition I have was used as an excuse to dehumanize me when I was a boy. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to establish what you are to a non-autistic person or else they will wonder about your social skills or inability to understand certain boundaries. In this world, we are not entirely free of the labels to which were are ascribed, so we all have to figure out how to balance the individual inside of us with the obligations that we have to the world around us. It hasn't been an easy journey, but you get used to it as you go.

My life aint any better, but I am bound to my destiny. For better or worse, I am a mathematician and I have the ability to teach myself so whether or not I finish college is irrelevant to me.

Here's a fun little video of me doing a proof.


Please continue to tell us all about yourselves and any stories or experiences you've had! ^-^

Also ignore any trolls or anyone who thinks that sharing stories about ourselves is "pitiful" - didn't take long for that person to delete their comment, I've removed mine to keep the peace and because there's no point acknowledging their presence even if the comment is shameful and disgusting.

Mar 26, 19 at 2:20pm

I’ve had terrible trust issues since I was a child, to a point where most interactions or relationships were nothing more to me then “experiments” and ways to test thoughts. People’s reactions, personalities, preferences, how afraid the are of confrontation or if they are the type to lay things out. The type to hide their thoughts or vent them openingly. So many variations and possibilities and different types of ppl.

Thankfully I didn’t become an incel, any man who grows up with trust issues will realize women.... well. Let’s just hope people figure it out themselves.

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