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Devil May Cry 5 anyone?

Mar 10, 19 at 9:44am

Any of you people been playing DMC 5, if so what's your opinion of it, I beat it yesterday morning and halfway through Son of Sparda and I'm loving it, the game feels so smooth and all the characters feel so natural to use... The multiplayer actually works too, I had a player keep up with me through an entire mission and it was awesome

Mar 16, 19 at 10:25am

Its on my never ending gaming to do list

Mar 25, 19 at 3:27pm

Brought it the week after release and instantly completed and loved the game.

Haven't played on son of sparda difficulty yet cos I got distracted by another game that came out and cos ive been busy irl but I'm gonna go back on it at some point and complete that too and get the remaining skills that are locked.

Preferred V over Dante and Nero but Dante takes 2nd for me cos of all his alternative fighting stances and styles and because he's just such a bad ass. Nero was fun too but I preferred V out of them all

Mar 26, 19 at 8:22am

Yeah V was awesome, I'm part way through hell and hell S rank but took a break for sekiro, can't wait for the bloody palace update though

Apr 02, 19 at 4:36pm

I believe dmc6 will come out before the end of the year

Apr 04, 19 at 3:55pm

DMC 5 is such a good game, I've been a longtime fan of the series and this game is a like a loveletter to fans. My favorite weapon is the Balrog I love how it talks to you while your fighting. There might even be a Trish/Lady dlc coming out so heres hoping!

Apr 04, 19 at 5:15pm

people datamined the living hell out of the game and already found a load of vergil stuff and i really hope lady and trish get their turn too

Apr 05, 19 at 12:43am

Preoreder the deluxe edition and literally hauled ass as soon as March 8th hit just to get it.

11 years of waiting was so worth it:)

Apr 05, 19 at 12:14pm

dmc is my fav series along with doom. with doom all the maps are fan made though, like this one someone is working on.

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