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Dating members of the opposite race

Feb 11, 19 at 11:23am

It's a bit of a controversial topic, but i'm curious if you would date outside your race?

And on that note, what are your thoughts on people who do or dont?

Laughing Fox commented on Dating members of the opposite race
Laughing Fox
Feb 11, 19 at 11:31am

Hey Lamby,

Absolutely not Kitsunes are the superior species and we have to maintain a certain level of the gene pool and not pollute it.

Anyway on topic- So for me I never really rule out races per say but i've noticed by and large I'm not attracted to African women. Asian women depends on the type ( been with a few in the past). Middle easterners not so much. For me it all comes down to what I'm attracted to in this context sexually. And I do tend to just not find certain races sexually appealing.

I dated a Nyaaga once...those were some dark days...

kratos10987 commented on Dating members of the opposite race
Feb 11, 19 at 11:46am

I'd have no problem with it. While I do look at appearances as far as seeing if a person is taking care of him or herself, what attracts me is the heart. Appearances do not make a relationship. Honesty, effort, and an open heart do.


I always say beauty is in someone's character and not in how they look, this applies to race as well. That's why I sorta like more anonymous dating sites like this one where you hardly ever see someone until you actually get close.


Never really has been a factor for me, I've dated all types of women and I can't say there's a specific race of people that I just don't find attractive. As for the other question, I never really cared. Though I'm not really a fan of those types of people who just go after certain races due to fetishes and stereotypes though like weebs with yellow fever who go after asian girls because they feel as if they'll be getting a docile waifu who will cook and clean for them just like in their animes or those weird white women who seem to just creep around black dudes because of the whole "BBC" thing. I mean yes, we have big penises but we also have big hearts. I'd rather be appreciated for that. :u

Feb 11, 19 at 12:00pm

Tbh it would matter to a degree to some right? Even if there not staunch race people eventually some people would have a culture shock or a cultural break down if the two ppl were very polarizing with how they are, which yes could lead to learning opportunities I guess but considering like distant dating from different countries and stuff like that and seeing other friends parents it kinda gets force on example where he gets bog down by 2 different sets of values. Not saying it happens all the time but for some people the children get kinda bogged. Where as different races from like all of us who have been in America long enough or born here there is some form of understanding and similarly implemented values between b0th parents

Then again I’m very much mixed race (Asian mostly, some European thrown in there) and didn’t have certain things influencing me but that’s an exception

Feb 11, 19 at 12:00pm

you know what they say

big penis, big heart

Feb 11, 19 at 12:02pm

I mean if there wasn’t Race mixing I wouldn’t be born

Feb 11, 19 at 12:05pm

yeah, im mixed race too (split european and puerto rican) and while i would date different ethnicities, i just prefer lighter skin and larger eyes
just as i prefer black hair to blonde
just preference in appearances

but above all matters what your interests are and what kind of person you are
my first bf in elementary school was hispanic, and for awhile i had a thing for hispanic men, but that fell off for some reason xD

Feb 11, 19 at 12:08pm

Tfw you still dated 0 lol

My dad had this whole theory bout mixing all racial genetics to create super humans

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