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New Vidya game buys?

Feb 03, 19 at 5:50pm

It could be anything, consoles, games, accessories, merch. Post em, don't be shy. I recently got a Nintendo switch with Smash and some other games

Feb 05, 19 at 12:18pm

Have you tried Tales of Vesperia?

Feb 05, 19 at 5:16pm

I haven't no, but I heard that's coming to switch. Might pick it up

Feb 06, 19 at 11:23pm

Super Mario Maker for 3DS is only 20 I jumped right on that.

Feb 07, 19 at 1:13am

Think the last game I bought was like Pathfinder Kingmaker.

Feb 07, 19 at 1:15am

I actually just bought Leisure Suit Larry 1 through 7 on Steam, they've got a deal where you can get 'em for $12. So if you like old point-and-click style games and lewd jokes that will be so bad they'll make your eyes roll infinitely, that's a good time sink.

Feb 07, 19 at 1:16am

I bought Apex Legends Ps4 Edition.

Feb 07, 19 at 3:05am

Super Hexagon, Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare, and Kingdom Hearts III

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