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Paying Tribute To Samurai Champloo


Here today, I pay tribute to a show that has beautiful endings and much like Cowboy Bebop, is not afraid to deviate away from its standard ending to give the fans something special to remember.

Jan 14, 19 at 10:44am

This anime showed me the way the world looks at someone like me through Mugen's eyes as he is my top favorite anti hero in anime.

Jan 15, 19 at 1:23am

Jan 15, 19 at 5:01am

Very awesome anime.

Jan 15, 19 at 9:47am

do not remember the ending
just that she finds the sunflower samurai and he was an ass hat

plox no spoil

that being said yeah its an amazing anime with beautiful scenes along with being pretty funny
the prostitute one was what really stuck with me

Jan 15, 19 at 9:48am

also jin was really hot and had a kool backstory

Jan 15, 19 at 9:50am

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