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what do you think of hunter x hunter?


i just want some opinions...

Dec 29, 18 at 12:15am

may I ask what you've seen/read of it first?

Only thing I feel worth sharing is my love of Gon


Never saw it, doesn't look like it's my kind of anime...


i started reading the manga around ep 30. i stopped reading when gon met his dad.

Dec 29, 18 at 12:24am

... I wish sailing was around right about now.. she would enjoy this thread

him meeting and then spending time with his dad is so wholesome~ I'm so envious of his personality in general. he is just so kind and full of positivity. He is the honest baka, an honest baka can over take anything pure!

I love watching him evolve and his animistic instincts and skills are my favorite parts about him... stealing the badge from hisoka was a wonderful scene. gumo gumo no bungie (hisoka) man is also a great villain!

Dec 29, 18 at 12:50am

Hold up hold up! I cannot miss out on the opportunity to profess my undying adoration for Killua.


don’t forget about alluka! cutest girl ever.


I found it intriguingly deep. And I love how it practically reinvents itself every arc. It was a pleasant surprise compared to what I thought it would be.

Dec 29, 18 at 9:29am

Looked like a kid show so I ignored it for years, but I eventually seen an and from it that looked kinda dark so I have it a try and loved it. I wish more was animated.


I loved this as a kid when I was like 14 years old or 13 and still love it now. I remember when I used to like Killua back when he was not that older from me now I see myself now still liking him which basically makes me a shotacon.. But.. HES SO CUTEE..

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