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Dec 18, 18 at 6:07pm

I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but is anybody down to watch some anime on Rabbit sometime? If so idk, message me, add me on Rabbit (@sothathappened), anything really. Would be super cool to make some otaku friends!

Dec 19, 18 at 6:02am

Maybe sometime, I know users Kawaii/Mikan use to make groups n watch movies together often, someone else made a thread asking/suggesting a weekend gathering for the same thing.

I’ll watch a movie sometime this weekend if I don’t have to speak

ahogeXOXO commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
Dec 19, 18 at 6:03am

I'd be down for it. I'll make an account and add you.

ahogeXOXO commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
Dec 19, 18 at 6:08am

Your username isn't coming up or I'm trying to add you wrongly (I'm AhogeAhoge).

chance_ commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
Dec 19, 18 at 7:54am

Tweaked my settings so it should be working now ^^^ And yeah that would be pretty awesome Baka. If we can find a time that suits everyone I'd be up for hosting :)

Dec 19, 18 at 8:33am


Dec 19, 18 at 8:53am


Kazz commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
Dec 19, 18 at 12:19pm

I watch stuff on rabbit sometimes on the weekends. My profile is Phaze Holic @PhazeHolic.

Friendly commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
about 19 hours ago

This died reeeeal fast.

Lamby commented on Raaaaaaaaabbit.
about 16 hours ago

maybe those guys are still having rabbit parties to this day >w>

iv used rabbit to watch stuff with friends, but my internet is shitty so i gave up on it fast

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