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Shoot 'em ups / 2D Scrolling Shooters


Any fans of this genre here? Here is a random example of the genre I am talking about.

This one takes place in 2018 in Tokyo! While Japan obviously had 70 cm (around 27 in) of heavy snow this past Winter, this game ends on a snow day!

Laughing Fox commented on Shoot 'em ups / 2D Scrolling Shooters
Laughing Fox
Dec 10, 18 at 7:07pm

Massive fan- though i'm terrible at them now since I'm so out of practise xD.

This looks great!

I wish more got ported to consoles- it's one genre I find died with the times. :/


I enjoy the genre. I've actually been playing DoDonPachi recently since I've had an urge to play a shmup/stg. I wish I could just find a big ROM pack with all of the good japan-only shmups though. :u


Forgot to also add:

Yeah, it is a bit of a dead genre these days but I think it has the potential to be revived through doujin/indie developers. I mean there's always a doujin circle at each comiket that releases a shmup amongst the sea of touhou related games which are ironically usually games based on touhou but not in the shmup/bullet hell genre. :u

Either that or it'll be kept alive by developers like Yoko Taro's crazy ass. To be perfectly honest Nier Automata was what reminded me of how much I missed these types of games with it's bullet hell segments


Still searching for someone to play Metal Slug 3 with on ps4...


@space cadet

That's a run 'n gun.


I've played a handful of these... though I don't seem to remember most of their names....
As for one I am particularly fond of... there was one on the mega drive from a third person perspective if I am not mistaken...
Not Space Harrior, it was a Japanese exclusive if I remember correctly.


Oh, I really love "Duke Nukem 2" and "Jazz Jackrabbit" when it comes to this category.
And then I also like the 2D top-down-view airplane shooters like "Raptor: Call of the Shadows", and "Taskforce Harrier EX", if those can count in the same category.

Dec 11, 18 at 6:53am

My favorite game.Lower degree of difficulty, but shoot the exhilaration^^



Those same creators after closing Toaplan founded a short-lived splinter developer Gazelle and developed Sailor Moon arcade, the Saturn ports of Batsugun and Kyukyouku Tiger/Twin Cobra, and this game, Air Gallet:

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