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ATTN: Fellow Weebs


This site is not and never has been a Safe Space for anything other than those who find fellowship with others who like and have a interest in anime, manga and japanese stuff.

If you get offended by something, just stop talking to those people, dont comment too much on it or start flame wars or shouting matches.

as long as someone isnt targeting an individual and being a complete asshole to someone, I and my fellow moderators will not be banning people because others are offended over other users jokes. being called a pedo in jest is not grounds for someone to get banned or even warned. Nor is getting banned for "Hate speech" such as using slurs or memelanguage that people do not like such as trap, gay, Fag or nigga. the part that matters is if a word is being used pejoratively (meaning as an insult). online and real life people say gay as in that sucks or that blows, people use the N word to describe others such as sand nigga, snow nigga, Rice Nigga, Poor Nigga. or even using it as a term of endearment between friends. people use the term trap not in the 1990's context where people think traps are trying to turn straight men gay, people use it even on Reddit (a very liberal social media/hobby/special interest board) for /r/Traps to describe someone who crossdresses and passes as a woman to some degree or in totality. its not used as an insult these days. people use the term fag in terms such as newfag, old fag, summer fag, normal fag. Language evolves. getting offended and requiring people prescribe to your "Newspeak" just makes you an authoritarian that cannot live with peoples differences. do not be that asshole who wants to force others to be or do something else.

Everyone gets offended over something, creating a space where others cannot test the boundaries of internal and externalities are setting themselves up for failure. much like you want a child to learn boundaries by getting hurt and finding the limits of their abilities such as skidding a knee on the sidewalk or falling from a swing. you cannot just create a 100% safe world where you wont trip and rip your pants, nor can ya make a world where you wont get offended. if you think you have the right to not be offended, then by all means life that life, but it will inversely cause you to not beable to handle what stresses you thus causing you to not handle situations that adults can handle. you might get mad at a judge making a joke at your expense but blowing your cool will prolly add time to your charges. getting pissed off that your teachers dont adhere to your socio-political ideology doesnt help to challenge your ideas to make sure you have the most rounded out ones and understand why you hold them and why you dont hold them.

Im not trying to be an asshole of any sort but we are not your parents. you will encounter people you dont like in real life that may piss you off. like real life you can just cut them out of your life by blocking them and avoiding joining in on an active discussion on the forums or on profiles.

Back in my day, Moderators would actively make fun of you with the people making fun of you if you couldnt handle getting offended and allowed others to get under your skin. I promise that moderators on this site are not going to be like that at all, and we try to be understanding. but we cant hold peoples hands.

If someone is actively harassing you, threattening you, DOXXING you, wont take no for an answer, posting creepy weird stuff.... then come to us. however for bullying or anything , if it is a problem. talk about it, you are a community. you have power. just dont shame people off of the site or harass them. fire is never put out with more fire. if they dont listen, then move on. however it it goes from light hazing to full on stalking your profile or harassment then you can come to us.

Anyway, as of now, i declare my self GOD EMPEROR DAGGERFELLA.

Have a nice day

Dec 06, 18 at 3:15pm

Will i be banned for declaring war against flat earthers in anime community?


no. just dont kill anyone irl

Dec 06, 18 at 3:23pm

Ohh i am really good at that! Or else 33% of my countrymen would be dead..

CAC commented on ATTN: Fellow Weebs
Dec 06, 18 at 4:10pm

that's sure a lot of word you got there...

Dec 06, 18 at 4:20pm


Dec 06, 18 at 4:32pm

Stop yelling at me!!

Dec 06, 18 at 4:40pm

i remember that show

Dec 06, 18 at 4:41pm

Moderators are dead on this forum. :c


Nah im alive and well. its just that im the only NON JUNIOR mod to be active.

im the only one that can see whats been reported, other than the Admin/Site owner

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