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Nov 05, 18 at 3:16pm

What are your Deal Breakers, You crazy Egoistical, judgmental Bastards... Oh wait that me. Any who, As the topic name says. What are your Big deal breakers, something you could not stand in a relationship under any(Or at least close to any)Circumstances?

Because what brings people together more than talking about things they hate? XD

For me personally.

1. Not wanting kids. For a long lasting relationship, I'll want them eventually. It's not something I'm willing to compromise on.

2. Toxic Behavior. Been there, Done that. If the woman isn't a compassionate, at least most of the time rational person. It just isn't going to work.

3. Not being healthy. Now I'm not saying you should be wonder woman, But considering I do the same. Exercising, and at least eating somewhat healthy is a necessity for me. It affects not only attraction, but overall happiness and mood. Ignoring the health issues they can bring.

4. Major Drugs.

5. Poly. Just not into it personally. I'm a selfish guy what can I say.

Lamby commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 3:21pm


i agree on poly and drugs, i wouldnt even want to date someone who smokes weed regularly

someone rude or without tact as im super sensitive
someone who isnt fully devoted and ready for a commitment, flirting with another girl is grounds for immediate breaking up
someone who isnt supportive
someone who doesnt give what they get from the relationship
probably someone who doesnt like animals, as i need pets to be happy

Baka commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 3:23pm

1. Consultant lying - been dealing with it all my life from all my family, I’m still working on getting over trust issues.

2. Unable to be valnurable - You not a stone wall.. if you can’t show that soft mushy human part of yourself, I’ll never feel comfortable.

3. Close minded - I can understand being stubborn or against something within reason, but you can’t just be one sided without any sort of backup for it... this one isn’t a deal breaker tho cause I’m stubborn over the small things for piety reason.

Lamby commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 3:30pm

oohhh yes lying is such a big one

Baka commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 3:34pm

I sometimes have 0 tact, oblivious baka orz
Commitment is scary too..
posting in this thread feels odd if I don’t mention my own flaws, FALSE ADVERTISING

Lamby commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 3:59pm

commitment is only scary if you dislike the person >w>! otherwise its a great feeling of security that a relationship needs =w=

mention your flaws so i can use them against you >w>!

. commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 4:06pm

My dealbreakers would be:
1. Close minded
2. Fundamentalist
3. Overly submissive (i dont mean in bed, but real life)

Baka commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 4:06pm

D: ... just stalk my post and gather information, that’s how everyone else does it

⛥∂αяк ℓσℓιтα⛥ commented on Dealbreakers
⛥∂αяк ℓσℓιтα⛥
Nov 05, 18 at 4:44pm

Oof. Dealbreakers. Heavy stuff.

1. Not making any effort to get educated or get a job. I have no time for empty relationships.

2. People who can't take a joke. Life is too short to be bored with a significant other.

3. Loveless relationships. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Multiple times. Don't be in a relationship because you're afraid to be alone. You have to truly love the person you're with.

4. Pretending to be more manly and tough than you are, it just simply isn't attractive. It's done so often for that 'alpha' look and I find it kind of sad.

5. Open relationships or lying. Both are huge dealbreakers to me. Being overly sexual is a bore too. I've cut off friendships and relationships when every damn conversation leads to sex. It's boring and makes you look desperate.

Relationships are tough and clearly, I haven't found one worth staying in yet but I have hope that by continuing to better myself, I'll attract the right kind of people.

Whisp commented on Dealbreakers
Nov 05, 18 at 7:13pm

Drugs and being too serious.

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