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Dragon Con in Georgia

Nov 01, 18 at 12:54am

Anyone going?

Nov 01, 18 at 9:15pm

Isn't it already over? That's some pre planning.

Nov 01, 18 at 9:17pm

I mean the one for this year.

Nov 01, 18 at 10:22pm

I wish, but going 1.5 hours toward it spending on gas, ticket, food and merchandise might not be a wise decision to me, but I haven't been to any Cons this year. :(

From Northwest Georgia to Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival every early April, for around 26mpg in a 16 gallon gas tank, 8 gallons or 1/2 tank was used after fillup.

Nov 02, 18 at 1:45am

My co-worker went last year. I didn't know about it. I'm hoping to go this year.

Nov 02, 18 at 12:43pm

On that note, can anyone tell me when it is? Gotta plan my vacation days ^_^

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