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Japan & USA: Pros & Cons


Some say USA is best just for freedom and "In God We Trust" while ignoring its major flaws.

Some say Japan is best because of how safe and fun it is, but having some jobs that can possibly risk your life, while earthquakes and typhoons occur there every few years.

Any thoughts and knowledge to share related to this topic?


I think japan is one of those countries that I would like to visit, but I'm not so sure if I would like to live there. The work culture, honne and tatemae, suicide rates, low birth rates have to mean something.


I don't like tatemae!客套话……


Tbh I just wanna live in the place where I’ll have friends and people to be with. Also less earthquakes and typhoons

inter_change @inter_change commented on Japan & USA: Pros & Cons
inter_change @inter_change
Oct 30, 18 at 6:29pm

My experience
Japan- better food, better public transport, introvert friendly, orderly, a large storm covers the whole country.
USA- Not cramped, all food appears smashed, have to drive (good and bad) ppl here are nosy/talkative, organized chaos.

Baka @reinhardt76 commented on Japan & USA: Pros & Cons
Baka @reinhardt76
Nov 03, 18 at 10:53am
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Fruitageous @fruitageous commented on Japan & USA: Pros & Cons
Fruitageous @fruitageous
Nov 04, 18 at 1:52am

My dream someday was to live in Japan. It still currently is. I'm like half way done with my Japanese, but my really only concern with Japan is the work culture, and acknowledgment factor.
You see... in America, if we receive a compliment from someone, we kindly say "thank you" or no problem, or your welcome.
In Japan, when someone receives a compliment, or more specifically a woman (not being sexist), the typical formality is to undermine themselves saying ex: "nah, I feel I haven't put in enough work for a promotion".
It kinda bugs me a little, but its something you would have to get use to. Japan says basically "Don't get too full of yourself".
I can go on and on about culture there, been studying their culture for years now.


I'm not good at using Japanese 敬語/keigo..Also I don't feel like making up every time I go outside...XD
I grew up in a society guided by Confucianism...so "Don't get too full of yourself" this widespread rule is acceptable...哪里哪里...

. @pk_zero commented on Japan & USA: Pros & Cons
. @pk_zero
Nov 05, 18 at 4:59pm
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