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Annoying girl bar ppl

Oct 22, 18 at 1:09am

I'm assuming these "girls bar" places are strip clubs or secret sex homes but they are annoying because they would approach me every night. What is their deal? Tokyo and cities beyond each night I'm out 1-2 of these weird looking ladies would come out of a tiny alley or the steps and say stuff to me in Japanese. I give them an awkward glare and keep walking. Some grab my shoulder it's getting weird. Thing is I'm obviously white, I'm not attractive, I'm dressed poorly/looks like a hobo so got no money, not drunk. At least the maid cafe maids you can avoid. One of these places it happened right across the street from koban I mean wth.

Oct 22, 18 at 3:09am

does that only happen in the red districts or late night in japan? *total weeb only knows what happens in manga*

i mean, i think most are strip clubs, but Japanese strip clubs are pretty nice

no way to avoid those seedy people, and the less well dressed you look the more they probz think your into hookers


Usually their owners will hire strong black men to threaten customers who don't want to be ripped off.Those foreigners aren't that smart,they enter those bars...
Japanese girl/guy bars: drinking and talking to pretty Japanese women/ikemen

Ignoring them is okay.They try to "invite" all foreigners to their bars...

TheSailingTeacup commented on Annoying girl bar ppl
Oct 22, 18 at 5:12am

That is how it was in London with guys trying to get "pretty ladies" into the clubs...but it freaked me the fuck out. You had to go down and into a basement kind of thing...and I literally was like, you guys go have fun, I'm going home, peaceeeee. Luckily we went somewhere else and then ended up having a blast. Just tell them to piss off honestly. If you're firm with them or just ignore them and walk away then they will eventually stop. Unfortunately ya gotta be a lil mean.

Oct 22, 18 at 5:36am

i wanna go to an ikemen bar ._.

Oct 22, 18 at 10:35am

Nothing like that happens to me in USA so I'm not really prepared for it other than ignore and keep walking. I've gone 4 times now and it happens each trip but this is first time actually saying something about it. 8-9pm isn't that late and it's not always red light district. They are so tiny so it'll be a basement or floor up mixed in with random restaurants or a hotel.

Oct 22, 18 at 1:50pm

It sounds weird but they're just trying to get money.

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