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Myers Briggs personality test


So a friend of mine got me to take the Myers Briggs personality test yesterday, and I have to say, the results seemed fairly spot on. Some parts of the descriptions weren't too accurate, but still slightly recognizable.
So I got curious about whether the people on this site were generally of a specific type, so if anyone wanna take the test, and maybe get some insight and understanding about themselves, here's the test
Do feel free to share your result


i dont fully agree, but


I got the same one. I kinda expect most people on here to get that one, or at least a similar one


there has been quite a few threads about this test, and alot of people get logical

the anime community is quite vast


I have taken this test way too many times. It has been a while since I took it last and yet I still get the same result.
At least I know my mind is consistent.


^I keep getting INTJ-T all the time too! The description seems to match me accurately. I'm good at analyzing things and carefully planning my actions, but I totally suck at figuring out other people's thoughts and reading their emotions, and I hate receiving spontaneous surprises for which I never planned.
And even the little avatar image in this test result looks like a chibi anime version of me, complete with the mustache and neatly combed hair to the side.
Like, that's exactly how I looked at college.

. @pk_zero commented on Myers Briggs personality test
. @pk_zero
Oct 20, 18 at 6:54pm
This account has been suspended.

The main problem for me is that, my personality type is not the best description of myself.
You see, I can figure out people's feelings and think logically all at the same time.
I can adapt when my plans go awry.
Improvise when needed.
In truth I wonder if my true personality type even exists on this test?
It's more like I have multiple personality types at my disposal. Too many of them...


master race


@Tsunpaper Now that you mention it, yeah I've also been able to adapt myself to quite a few unexpected changes here and there. I mean, conquering my fear of driving vehicles and committing myself to actually finish a college program, those were quite big ordeals with some random twists and unpleasant moments.
But those stages have now long been cleared and are behind me instead of ahead of me, and here I am continuing to be my prideful and arrogant self. ;)

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