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Soul Calibur 6

Oct 19, 18 at 2:52am

Anyone got it?
Gonna buy it tomorrow for PS4

Oct 19, 18 at 1:40pm


Oct 20, 18 at 3:27pm

I'm picking this up... tho I'm not sure how serious I'll play it. I might just be a casual button masher that learns some combos/setups to be able to beat noobs, cuz it takes soooooo much time and practice to truly be good at a fighting game.


Soul Calibur is pretty weird because it's very accessible for a fighting game but at the same time it's not since it's less about knowing combos and juggles and more about knowing proper spacing and what moves are the best for certain situations. At high levels it very much depends on your knowledge of frame data and the matchup more than just like execution with combos and stuff. So it would take a lot of time to be good at but compared to other fighting games you'd be spending a lot less time burning combos into your muscle memory and more time just researching the properties of your character's moveset

I spent a bunch of time playing last night just messing around with the Soul Charge system and checking out how it affects each character. It's pretty cool since it adds a whole new level of strategy to matches since every character gets their existing moves powered up or brand new moves while Soul Charge is active.

Oct 20, 18 at 4:28pm

I wound up getting the collector's edition (it was the last one there when I went to pick the game up and Sophie has always been my favorite character). I haven't played a SC game really since 3 because I wasn't too impressed with 4 and decided to just skip 5. I played the crap out of 2 back in the day though, and I didn't meet many people that could beat me at it in my prime. I'm liking 6 so far, and its kinda funny how well I remember Sophie's moveset after close to 10 years of not touching a SC game. As far as fighting games go, it's definitely a neat change of pace from FighterZ and the like.

Oct 27, 18 at 11:16am

PM commented on Soul Calibur 6
Oct 27, 18 at 11:18am

I’m playing talim

Oct 27, 18 at 11:29am

Playing Mitsurugi, Kelik, and Siegfried


*teleports into thread* Heh...I play Groh...nothin personell.

Jokes aside, he's pretty fun. :u

Whisp commented on Soul Calibur 6
Oct 27, 18 at 2:33pm

Maybe ff I knew something besides mashing buttons in any fighting game.

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