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Should more girls take the initiative these days?


When it comes to asking a guy out.

The traditional western dating culture usually puts the onus on the guy to put himself out there and ask the girl out, etc.

Dating nowadays is by no means traditonal any longer and many more things are socially acceptable. I still get the feeling from many girls though that its still primarily the guy that needs to do the asking for any number of reasons including being rejected, coming across as desperate, etc.

Now I'm not saying girls don't do more asking versus say a generation or two ago. Some definitely have been the ones to emotionally put themselves out there and ask the guy. I just think in this day and age of more equality amongst the genders, some girls should be more open to popping the question.

What do you guys/gals think?


Girls ask guys out all the time, That said, considering the biological differences, Men are more likely to do so, Assertiveness is a trait increased by testosterone, as is aggression, so the more likely to go after something you want ect, is a common male trait. Not saying women don't show these traits, they certainly do, But I'm generalizing here since the question is about women in general. True equality is impossible due to this, but equal opportunity is here.

But No. Girls SHOULDN'T need to do anything. If a girls too shy to ask the guy out, than as the guy, it's your move to take ask her yourself, Once you get used to dating, it's not difficult asking people out. As guys also SHOULDN'T need to either, We just do because it's simpler that way, and it's not a big deal to begin with. Dating is optional after all, so anything to do with dating is optional.

There's alot of things going on between guys and chicks in today's culture that should change, This isn't one of them.

Oct 16, 18 at 1:31am
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yes. anyone really should if they see someone they like or think is cute and want to connect with said person. lots of ppl are shy regardless of gender, including me. So if ppl want no regrets later, they should try their hardest to make a move if the opportunity arises, alot of ppl vanish from are lives or are only seen once if no one takes initiative. and will only prolong the loneliness in everyones hearts.

Oct 16, 18 at 4:53am

It would be nice but I don't see it ever happening to me.


Girls should be the ones asking guys out. I just can't find interest in asking girls out anymore and I'd rather be asked out than having the role of having to ask a girl out. I've been asked out a couple of times, but I just ain't that type of guy to go for a relationship right now. lul

⛥a human rat⛥ commented on Should more girls take the initiative these days?
⛥a human rat⛥
Oct 17, 18 at 3:39pm

If you like someone, ask them out. I don't think it's a huge argument between genders and biology. The days of men asking women out or to marry them, for example, are past now and life passes us by too quickly to be hung up on the old stereotypical norms. Go date that person if you wanna. Maybe it won't go anywhere, maybe you'll end up hating their guts but at the end of the day, it's a lesson. ^-^


Rat Queen saying everything I would say word for word again! You're a mind reader! :O


its not exactly common in western societies as it is most societies (that dont do arranged marriages)

i think having it be a joint thing would be more progressive, but frankly its so nerve wracking putting ytourself out there, its nicer to wait for them
on the other hand, if you know said guy likes you, then it would be easier

iv asked a guy out and got rejected infront of alot of people, never happening again


Perhaps they should, because each time that I make the first move then things end up going disastrous and the girl ends up being "not the one" and there's nothing but trouble for me.

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