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If you can change one thing about yourself at the snap of the finger, what would it be?

Oct 02, 18 at 1:27am

One thing I'd love to change about myself is my self doubt. If this weakness of mine were to disappear I imagine I would accomplish sooooooooo much more. Sure I'm working on now, but the process is quite long. What about you guys, if you can instantly change one thing about you with the snap of the finger, what would it be?


^I agree with you 100%. I do it all the time and am completely aware of it. BEGONE WEAKNESS!

Oct 02, 18 at 1:52am

If I could change one thing about myself with the snap of a finger... I'd want to be stronger, but not in the physical sense. There are times when things happen, and I don't feel like I'm strong enough to handle it, so that's why I'd want to be stronger.


Possibly the fear of heights. I hate high places.


I am in CrossBone's camp, I too have a fear of heights I wish I could overcome, but it's not as bad as others such as being deathly afraid of going over bridges, but even the idea of stepping out onto my roof makes me nervous...


Me asking so many questions or my grammar being better


Self-doubt I guess. I need to stop being a pansy and just try something when it comes. I've missed so many opportunities because I keep thinking I'll never be able to handle whatever coming, and so I back away like a damn coward.

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Height. I'm tired of being so sm0l

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