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Which do you prefer and why


An anime involving abilities and tons of fighting & tournaments (MHA/SOUL EATER/NARUTO)


An anime with more of a story that's more grounded into real life. Maybe a dash of supernatural but no epic fights. (Joker Game/Baccano/Xxxholic)


I think the second is more open to trying out new ideas and creating interesting characters. Largely (though people are right to like it) the first is open to repeating some decade old proven formulas.


I agree. I enjoy tournament anime but I like anime with more story.

Aug 20, 18 at 11:17am

I like both to be honest.


Which have you watched more of?

Aug 20, 18 at 11:24am

I want abilities and stuff but more like the ones where ppl have powers but it’s not like super fighting, kinda like they exist and there fun but not entirely useless but not entirely boring. Like the when magic battles become common place kinda animes where powers or events are mostly the premise or narrative aspect but not really core to the story itself

As in they’re just there but have it be like Slice of life.

Did I find a loop hole? Slice of life magic abilities???


I love both, but...

You don't get amazing fights like that when your format just kinda feels like a showcase of how a character has grown since the training ark. The payoff might be better in tournie/super ability anime/manga, but they are far from being immersive or organic. As someone who is a bit of an otaku when it concerns the martial arts, I prefer my fights to be closer to reality. That doesn't mean, however, I want the more ability and technique driven fights to go anywhere. Like I said, I love both, and for different reasons. I just have a preference for the more realistic fights.

Aug 20, 18 at 12:09pm

the thing with me is that I like both because when it comes to fighting and having a tournament I like that but I also like a anime with real life aspects and a tournament I could never go wrong with that.


Also this series. Great fantasy series, classic sword and sorcery fight scenes.

Aug 20, 18 at 1:14pm

Long as it doesn’t have Yu Yu hack n shoe scaling then tournament anime’s all the way! Dragon ball was meh too.

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