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Why Mio Akiyama is the best K-on character


Every so often, I get a PM by someone claiming that "*insert K-on character here* is better than Mio." This is false. It is unambiguously true that Mio Akiyama is the single best character in the K-on series, and here's why.

First, let's analyze various different aspects of each character. There are 3 prominent attributes that I will go in significant detail with for each character:
1) appearance
2) personality
3) extremely kawaii moments

1) Appearance:


Mio Akiyama has straight, long, black hair; which is the first requisite for a quality waifu. On top of that, she is the tallest person among the k-on characters, and has gray-blue eyes. Her facial proportions (size, shape and position of her eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth) are perfect and literally could not have been made better. All of these attributes are definite upsides for the overall appearance of a character.

Appearance score: 10/10


Yui has short, brown hair, and brown eyes. All of which are immediate downsides to the appearance of a character. She does, however, have two yellow pins in her hair (which do compliment her appearance) and her facial proportions are fine.

Appearance score: 7/10


Ritsu has short, brown hair, and brown eyes. All of which (again) are immediate downsides to the appearance of a character. She has a yellow headband, which doesn't look good on any girl, and she looks too much like a boy. Her facial proportions are fine, though.

Appearance score: 5/10


While Tsumugi has long hair, it is also blonde and wavy, which isnt good for her overall appearance. Her facial proportions aren't too bad, but her eyebrows are WAY too big.

Appearance score: 4/10


While Azusa has straight, long, black hair, it is also in pigtails, which isnt good for her overall appearance. Her facial proportions are good, but the pigtails are immediate turnoffs.

Appearance score: 6/10

Winner of Appearance score: Mio Akiyama

2) Personality

Mio is smart, mature, calm, and extremely shy. These are all really good traits for any character to have, and are really attractive. She also gets scared really easily, which makes her even more cute than she already is. She is a tsundere based on how she interacts with Ritsu, which is a definite upside.

Personality score: 10/10

Yui is nice, cheerful and she likes to have fun, but she is way too forgetful, clumsy and dependent on other people. She loves to eat and be with friends, but she isn't very intelligent compared to the other people in the group.

Personality score: 6/10

Ritsu is fun, sarcastic, carefree, and likes to make fun of her friends. All of these attributes are really good in a character. Nothing to complain about her personality. However, since I'm trying to prove that Mio is dominant in all 3 areas, I'm going to give her a 9.9.

Personality score: 9.9/10

Tsumugi is sweet and gentle, and that's about it. There isn't really anything good about her personality, but she doesn't have anything negative either.

Personality score: 5/10

Azusa is way too serious and really annoying.

Personality score: 3/10

Winner of Personality score: Mio Akiyama

3) Extremely Kawaii Moments:


Kawaii score: 10/10

Now let's see what extremely kawaii moments everyone else has. Oh wait. There arent any.

Everyone else: 0/10

As you can see, Mio Akiyama is the winner of all 3 categories, and therefore is the best character in the entire series, and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.


you forgot to add this to the list :v

Aug 12, 18 at 7:41pm

^ can't forget the rice bowl.

Aug 13, 18 at 6:39am

I didn't read all that >_>


Don't you dare insult Mugi's eyebrows >:(

Aug 17, 18 at 12:04am

That's bullshit, but I believe it.


Mio, like me, gets embarrassed in certain cute outfits and photos of ourselves by certain viewers and we are both left-handed (although sometimes my right hand is used in other tasks). We are also considered cute and while Ritsu plays and picks on her, I get others doing the same with me some. And we can be clumsy as well.


ahh mio

still have a poster of her in my bedroom, in my parents house

not even slightly ashamed or embarrassed

Sep 21, 18 at 2:41am




You know what happens when they are removed from Mugi?

Anyway, do both Mio-chan characters from K-On! and Nichijou have anything in common with each other?

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