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Motivational thread!

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Aug 09, 18 at 1:56pm

I just wanted to make this thread to make clear that this community is a supporting community for whoever joins!
Everyone has a place on this Earth and I think it's important for the people who have already found their place on Earth, to help the people who haven't!
Anything from vocaroo messages to just whatever gifs or memes or positive vibes we can send out here on this thread it's all appreciated!

Cero commented on Motivational thread!
Aug 09, 18 at 2:01pm


CAC commented on Motivational thread!
Aug 09, 18 at 2:19pm

Glad someone is positive.


*posts quotes

Aug 09, 18 at 2:32pm


The person who read this post...
Will acquire the strength to overcome anything

Aug 11, 18 at 8:35pm

@Enki It seems that #7 is true for me. I get angry so easily and always have to explain myself to everyone, including not only strangers but even my own mom. It's so exhausting, dammit.

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