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What is the weirdest anime that you ended up liking?


We all have watched one anime after another that has went from being incredibly awesome to being incredibly stupid or just incredibly addictive we all have that one anime that is all of those things in one. For me my favorite is pop team epic as it might look stupid and shouldn't get the recognition that it deserves but it is funny and has so many references plus a lot of humor. What about you?

Jun 09, 18 at 4:27am

1.Kaiji.. coz of its art style i thought it was wierd, but turned out to be a psychological masterpiece
2.Hikaru no go.. is based on a game called go and i dont even know to play it, so i thought i will leave it after 1st few episodes but it also turned out to be a super master piece (out of fanboying i learnt go afterwards lol)

Jun 09, 18 at 1:22pm

Kill La Kill
Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures

Both are so weird but the story is 10/10
Super entertaining, great animation, just so much weird things going on xD


yes hikaru no go was great (the manga not the anime)
ballroom e youkoso was great too, alternative sport animes are really good

Osomatsu-san is probz the weirdest anime i ended up loving
haven't finished season 2 though

kara and ichimatsu are husbandos

Jun 09, 18 at 1:28pm

Manga wise Dead Tube is soooo messed up but its really entertaining. Berserk too, and Goblin Slayer, and Dungeon Seeker.


jagaaaaaaaan was weird too :>


Dead Leaves is an anime movie that is without a doubt the weirdest thing that I have ever seen, but for some reason, I think it is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's only 50 mins long so if you have an hour to spare, I would definitely recommend watching it.

Here are a couple of clips that I have saved:


ooohhh dead leaves too

Jun 09, 18 at 3:27pm
This account has been suspended.

Dead Leaves for me too.
FLCL though ♥

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