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The Alt Right

How do you guys feel about the Alt Right? For those who don't know the Alt Right is a white nationalist group made of only white people, who wants a white only ethnostate and the removal of ethnic minorities(according to Richard Spencer and Tara Mcarthy)from the US to fulfill their ethnostate. My opinion on the alt right is generally negative when it comes to removing ethnic minorities to have your ethnostate, but if they want to make an artificial land or colonize uninhabited land for their ethnostate then I say go for it I don't care. But seeing that may not be the case I'm generally negative about it. I understand why it exists due to all the antiwhite nonsense spewed by the left and mainstream media not to mention whites becoming a minority in their own countries. So I understand why it exists. I would be indifferent towards the alt right if they were to leave ethnic minorities alone, but since they want to infringe on the rights on non whites for their ethnostate , I have a very negative opinion on them for that. What are your thoughts on the alt right? Is there anything I'm missing or wrong about? I'd love to see what you guys say. Also here's the video of Sargon of Akkad vs Richard Spencer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiUH-tWHbr8
Honestly as a black dude. I don't really feel anything when it comes to the "alt right", white nationalists, white separatists, white supremacists, or whatever the hell they call themselves. I'm not even sure what to call them anymore because many of them don't want to labeled under any of those umbrella terms. They can just do whatever for all I care, as long as they don't act on any of their radical sentiments towards non-whites. They can go ahead and make their little ethnostate because ultimately they'll just realize that human society is flawed at is core and...not much really would change for them at a personal level? I mean cultural clashes and differences definitely can cause some significant problems but that's only one piece of the picture. Even if a society is completely homogeneous, it's not going to create some peaceful society with no issues at all. The issues that would have existed in a multi-cultural society are just replaced with something else. There's always the whole "blacks commit *insert statistics here amount of crime despite being only *insert statistic here* of the population! America would be so peaceful and have no problems at all if blacks weren't here! (I honestly forgot the exact statistic. :U)"-argument and yeah, I'll admit that inner city black communities have some severe issues that need to be addressed. But there's also plenty of black people like myself who are productive members of society, work, pay taxes, and just want to live in peace just like everyone else. Black people don't have some type of damn primal urge to commit crime or some crazy shit. And yes I feel the need to say that because I mean people seem to really believe notions like that. :u Though you know, that type of logic just begs the question of what conditions can even create a completely harmonious society with no issues? Because getting rid of "unsavory elements" is just one thing, just because a place is safe doesn't mean it's just automatically the perfect place to live and everyone is happy forever. Just throwing in a lot of people who look the same isn't going to exactly improve the quality of life either, sharing the same culture and seeing people who look like you everyday can be comforting in some ways but people will always find ways to clash with each other and/or marginalize certain groups. Japan is actually a great example of that last point because of the severe discrimination against 'Burakumin' or people who have ancestral ties to people of the lowest caste during medieval times in Japan. There was a caste that was considered lower than peasant farmers and that was the people who had professions that were considered 'impure' or 'filthy' like butchers, executioners, undertakers, hunters/tanners, basically any of the 'dirty jobs'. Now these people are basically completely ethnically and culturally "Japanese" but that didn't stop people from considering them 'subhuman' and that discrimination still exists today with their descendants. A few years back actually there was a huge civil rights case because it turned out that a bunch of Japanese corporations were automatically denying job applications based off of a blacklist they created with help from the Japanese government who supplied them with information on families, their ancestral ties and whether or not they came from any of the communities that are historically predominately populated by Burakumin families. A lot of people who come from those communities end up turning to organized crime (Yakuza clans) or just becoming low level thugs/Yakuza (Chinpira) because of that type of blatant discrimination when it comes to finding work opportunities. If that type of development sounds familiar then it should. This is the type of shit that creates bad neighborhoods populated by little fringe communities, treat a certain people for shit long enough and they lose confidence in society and start doing anti-social behaviors. I'm not trying to justify widespread crime or anything but that's definitely one damn way to create those types of areas. This also proves that a minority group doesn't exactly has to be of a different ethnicity or have a culture different from the majority either. They could be singled out for something as simple as a lifestyle like this case. Anyway speaking of Japan, I always also see these types cite eastern Asian countries like Japan as not being 'cucked' and having no problems because they decided to remain 'pure' but it always kinda boggled my mind because when you think about it, what exactly defines 'pure'? Many countries and their cultures today are the result of the mixing of older cultures into new ones. Japan included, the Japanese people of today aren't like some monolithic culture that has remained 'pure' for thousands of years or some shit. Same with "white" European countries as well and I put white in quotation marks because the definition of "white" seems to differ depending on who you ask. :v And another thing though, despite all of the preaching against racemixing, wanting to create an ethnostate, promoting awareness to combat 'white genocide', etc, etc...Why do so many of these types have Asian girlfriends, wives, or express a lot of interest in dating Asian women? Like I know some of them consider Asians to be "compatible with white culture" or "honorary Aryans" but that doesn't really make them look like less of a hypocrite for practicing 'racemixing' themselves. :v
Jun 02, 18 at 4:00pm
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This account has been suspended.
Jun 02, 18 at 4:57pm
dear lord why so many alt right threads the only politics anime fans should be arguing over is whos best girl, whos waifu is shit, and loli fans vs nee-chan fans
CAC @cac commented on The Alt Right
Jun 02, 18 at 9:29pm
Rem, best girl >_>
Jun 03, 18 at 9:06pm
Both sides are complete shit.
Jun 03, 18 at 9:18pm
Lol these people aren't an imminent danger if you want to see the people who are dividing our society and pull strings of power on the left and the right google the Bilderberg group they're meeting in Italy right now! :)
Jun 09, 18 at 5:37am
Depends on who you believe the alt right is, Many of the left will call anyone who disagrees with them alt right. But if you mean, the true alt right, white nationalist who literally want to get rid of black folk, Then I'm the same as I am with any superiority movement, like Feminism or BLM. Fuck them. My best friend, my brother was mostly black, and he was the softest soul you'd know. Now that doesn't mean I don't see the issues with their community, they do commit a huge amount of crimes compared to their percentage of the population(I think it's seven times more likely?). However I don't believe it's just due to their race. True, on average they lower I.Q's(And are better at running.), But that's just an average, and Asians are on average higher, I.Q. doesn't make someone better, but it does indeed help the crime rate. However I think the largest is the culture surrounding them. Poverty increases crime rates, most are in poverty(Though not due to any made up "systemic racism" like many would try to say.), Why are they in poverty? Because many live on a welfare lifestyle, and even more so, the amount of missing fathers heavily increases crime. My brother had a father who worked, who stayed with him(Hell his white mom was the dead beat.). This obviously affects the stats. I don't want to get rid of black people because there are many great ones, however the cultural problem they have is an issue that needs to be addressed in some ways, It's like the anti-asian culture(Who do the best in the states, due to hardwork.). We shouldn't be giving them special treatment(such as affirmative action.), but we do need to look at things in perspective. There is a problem, and we need to recognize that as a society, or it won't be fixed. Like many acting like it's societies fault instead, which is ludicrous when you know all the stats. Once we realize there is a problem, and it's not society, but the culture they have unfortunately had cultivated, Then we can start to heal it. The answer isn't to bloody get rid of everyone.
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