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Hey <3

phoenix_20 started Hey <3
Jan 13, 18 at 1:59pm

Hey, I'm Phoenix and I'm new here and obvi I love anime and I'm trying to find some like minded people to talk to about anime or cosplay <3

Amrod commented on Hey <3
Jan 13, 18 at 3:43pm

Welcome to Maiotaku! Theres a bunch of them here so you wont have any trouble making friends :P

Jan 13, 18 at 3:45pm

When i saw a new member i flew in this thread like

Welcome to the site Phoenix hope you enjoy your stay and have fun here

funmusicorn commented on Hey <3
Jan 13, 18 at 3:52pm

Welcome ^^

phoenix_20 commented on Hey <3
Jan 13, 18 at 4:37pm

Thank youuuuu x

meisterman1985 commented on Hey <3
Jan 13, 18 at 8:09pm

Welcome to MaiOtaku. We hope you'll find it useful. ^_^

Akio commented on Hey <3
Jan 13, 18 at 9:47pm

Welcome to the MO community.

JaeBee commented on Hey <3
Jan 14, 18 at 8:45am

Welcome! I hope you have a great time here. :)

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