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Texas D&D

Dec 21, 17 at 11:48am
Hello friends ! I'm going to be moving back to Texas in February ! Specifically the San Antonio area, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where or how to find a group to play with ? Maybe suggest your favorite place to hang out or acquired nerdy things ? <3
im not a citizen of texas, but i do know if you wanna find a party, just try hitting up magic the gathering and other card shops like those or warhammer stores and the like the store keeps usually do stuff like that after hours with there buds and frequent customers good luck on your search :3! may the dice roll in your favor >w>
Dec 21, 17 at 2:44pm
Only thing I know of off the top of my head is a comic book shop in Austin called Dragons Lair holds D&D meetups. I dunno much about San Antonio but we are neighbors haha. Austin is only 20-30mins away
Sui @sui commented on Texas D&D
Dec 21, 17 at 3:59pm
I've lived in San Antonio before, and I'm a huge D&D player. Unfortunately those were separate incidents, and I can't help you get connected directly, but the Local Game Shop advice really is the best one. That's definitely how I got my start.
nehogg @nehogg commented on Texas D&D
Dec 24, 17 at 4:12pm
hi hi i live in san antonio. there is Knight Watch games. there super friendly and helpful. i highly recommend going to them. butt if that area is too far there is also Magic beans, Dragons Lair. or me and my friends we play at top deck. we are currently NOT playing right now butt soon we will be. my DM is gonna be running two games. one is high fantasy/semi steampunk. and the other is a Boku no hero academia campaign. hope that was helpfun
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