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Nov 29, 17 at 11:23am

I would like to be more organized with where people are looking for gaming so if you're a pc player and looking to play games with other pc people post here! For example: I'm playing a lot of rainbow six, rocket league so if youre looking to play with me or start a group msg me!

oof commented on PC Gaming
Dec 02, 17 at 8:36pm

I'm currently in the middle of upgrading my computer so this is probably going to change a decent amount. A lot of what I play are tactical FPS games. Red Orchestra 2, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, and STALKER. I play a LOT of Fallout New Vegas too. I'm definitely going to get Wolfenstein 2, and either Squad or Battlefield 1.

Dec 02, 17 at 9:29pm

NEW VEGAS HYPE! did all the dlc for that game and got all the achievements.

Dec 02, 17 at 9:37pm

I knew Noot Noot was Caesar scum
Dont tread on the bear

maxxload commented on PC Gaming
Dec 03, 17 at 3:33am

Great thanks guys. Glad you're using this forum and if you aren't finding what you're looking for it is because still a new forum but if we all keep posting this thread will grow as many others. And for those looking to possibly game with me i have a lot of different games i play usually are from rocket league, to stellaris just to give you an idea of my games they're are pretty vast, but i solidly don't play csgo, or league.

oof commented on PC Gaming
Dec 03, 17 at 8:11am

I literally cannot do anything but an NCR playthrough :S

Oh yeah nad I've been playing a lot of Halo recently. Halo 2 Vista, SPV3, and ElDewrito

Sherflow commented on PC Gaming
Dec 03, 17 at 8:25am

I play Siege, I use to be Platinum but I dropped to gold 1 since I started working. I've also recently got into Day of Infamy I intially shrugged it off as a insurgency re-skin but its a little more than that and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

and fyi the NCR are degenerates that belong on a cross.

Richaadokun commented on PC Gaming
Dec 03, 17 at 11:54am

I occasionally play PUBG, sometimes my friends and I will end up with an odd 3 players for squad... Certainly wouldn't hurt to find more PUBG players to play with. ^^;

Aside from that, I've admittedly just been on WoW private servers a lot lately... Or modded Minecraft servers my brother and I put up.

Dec 03, 17 at 12:20pm

@jvc Bruh I feel you, that's how I am as well X3

also hello fellow S.T.A.L.K.E.R. :D

oof commented on PC Gaming
Dec 03, 17 at 1:25pm

What faction do you go with Charles? I always find myself going Loners and occaisionaly Freedom.

I was really big into the Metro series for a while too, I'm really looking forward to Exodus.

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