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Nov 24, 17 at 9:53pm
Any other video game streamers? YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Mixer, or Caffeine? Or any others, that I may not be aware of? I, personally, am a streamer on Mixer but consider myself a Beam.Pro streamer. (What the site used to be called)
Nov 24, 17 at 10:32pm
I stream from time to time on twitch, but it's really sporadically.
gl17ch @gl17ch commented on Streamers?
Nov 24, 17 at 10:36pm
Yeah, I am rather sporadic on my schedule at the moment, as well.
Just recently got back into it. Mainly doing fighting games atm.
I've tried to stream a few times on Twitch, but my video always lags and unsyncs from the audio. I've tried to fix it, but I've done all I could think of to try and nothing works. I stick mostly to capturing my gameplay and editing to upload at a later date, since that's easier.
i tried streaming once but got hella anxiety from it. i can't play a game that well with people watching :/
Streaming requires a good mic a good camera a good pc and a good internet connection so ripperoni for me
Nov 25, 17 at 9:07am
i stream myself drawing from time to time. its not gaming but meh
gl17ch @gl17ch commented on Streamers?
Nov 25, 17 at 1:46pm
@Real Miku Hatsune Honestly, I can help you troubleshoot issues like that, if you want to get back into it! @sourpeach It is a difficult situation but I feel like if you really work hard and maybe change some things, you can do it! Try streams with no facecam or try and do a stream with no viewers and just narrate your gameplay and so fourth! @Dat Boi [FALLEN] It doesn't exactly require a cam or mic, and the PC is pretty objective. There are internet restrictions but the standards are pretty low now. I have a friend who streams with facecam off a $20 camera, the internal mic, a dual core i3, and 10mbps down and 1.5 up. @ylenol si revilO Hey, you are right! I feel kind of exclusive with how I posted. Art streams and otherwise are all also included!
Hey, thanks!! Game streaming isn't currently on my list of priorities right now, but if you're offering, I'll def come to you for help when I'm ready to get back into it! Thank you so much! I also do art streams from time to time! I get more nervous with those than with gaming. I can kill a boss in front of an audience okay, but drawing a straight line? Yikes!! ylenol si revilO, what streaming site do you use?
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