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That EA storm though... O.O

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What do people think about games with micro transactions, and at what point do you think they should be limited?


so I'm not a player of EA games, but I am an avid player of an app called Love Nikki, which is basically a game where you have to dress your girl up better than everyone else. Currently, there's an "event" going on where you can acquire up to, like, 8 different outfits before the weeks end.
Usually, the events are wicked. Even if you don't manage to win everything, it's all well-balanced between what you can get via playing the game as well as spending irl currency. The terrible thing about THIS event, is it is all based on how much money you can or are willing to spend. Mind you, again, this is a game about /dressing up your girl to be the best dressed/
It's ridiculous. Otherwise, the app does a fantastic job at making things equal. Before this, they've always given the option of paying to win without making it the only way, and any events that do require irl spending are for usually between .99 and $5.
For reference, in order to gain all the outfits, you would have to spend up to /at least $45.
In closing, micro transactions are fine so long as you're able to choose between paying and playing, but once you reach the point where it's the /ONLY/ way to win, it's not so much a game anymore as it is a contest to see who has the most cash $$$

Nov 25, 17 at 10:13pm

They should exist for cosmetic reasons only. In no way should a person be given the ability to shell out endless amounts of money to gain an advantage in a game to dominate other players.


I hope EA buries itself with all the micro transactions it wants to have. Good Riddance I say, I think they shouldn't be in a game and people should be allowed to buy whatever they want with in game currency.

Dec 01, 17 at 2:16am

Hate micro transactions. Love nba 2k18 but i fell like EA took a page right out of there book on micro tansactions. MyTeam is a game mode were you spend irl money on digital in game cards and whatever cards you get you can put on your team to play with. Its $60 for a pack of 20 cards with odds so bad I've seen youtubers spend over $300 on packs before they get anything good. Oh they also release new packs every tuesday with better cards so the only way to stay competitive is to spend a rediculous amount of money year round. Its the biggest cash grab I've ever seen in my life, and the community just goes with it. Smh

Dec 19, 17 at 6:20pm

Probably super late on this but oh well who cares! Microtransactions are not inherently bad but companies like EA are starting to really take the absolute piss with them now, especially after the Star Wars Battlefront 2 debacle which was a complete and utter shit show of pay to win crap. Coercing players to buy them by forcing them into a grind most definitely does not help whatsoever.

Heck even loot boxes are an issue for me, since you're basically gambling away money and hoping you get the item you want but you end up getting trash dupes over and over - it's utter shit, Overwatch is certainly no different. Buying a game for full price is more than enough money but trying to squeeze limitless amount of cash out of everyone is just too much, that's why I avoid almost every AAA release nowadays because I refuse to support trash business like that. I blame idiot gamers for blowing massive amounts of cash on Fifa and Madden cards, those dumbasses ended up ruining the AAA scene for everyone else and the apologists who refuse to take a glance at EA's initial sales earnings (which are extremly fucking high) make it even worse.

If companies are going to have them in their games then they should make them purely cosmetic fluff that makes my character look dope as hell and nothing else but I want them let me buy what I want in an honest transaction where I know what I'm getting. That's the extent I'll allow, any further than that and they'll never get my money - I'll never let filth like EA and Activision get my money for being total cunts to every one of their customers.

Yeah I'm a little too passionate about this hobby.

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