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Nov 12, 17 at 11:00pm

Has anyone ever dated someone who was so obsessed with Anime or some other thing that they would value that thing way ahead of you?

Back when I was in the 12th grade, I was dating this girl that was very into anime and Japanese stuff. She was cute and nice, so we got along pretty well. I love anime too, but she liked anime a little too much. So much so that she loved her "husbando" much more than me. She would say that she was already married to him. At first, I thought she was just joking and I had no problem with her having an anime husbando, but she took her imaginary relationship with him more seriously than our real relationship.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?

Nov 12, 17 at 11:02pm

No. A different type of girl taught me to stay away from crazy

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Weeb girlfriends/boyfriends
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 13, 17 at 4:19am
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Nov 14, 17 at 12:36am

I'm okay with a girl loving something more than me, as long as it doesn't pull her away from me, and she's well grounded in reality, and sensible.

So if she loved anime more than she loved me, that should be fine (in theory), and if her ideal man was a 2D image, I could probably roll with that too, just as long as she didn't use that on me, to try to change me or to try to put distance between us.

It only works with anime though because that's a similar interest and I can take part in that world, it's not going to tear her away from me.

Nov 14, 17 at 12:53am

If your significant other puts hobbies before you, you are not worth their time. Simple as that. Not that I have any input currently, but don't fool yourself into thinking that anyone with any TRUE obsession, will ever put you first in any sense(Of course, that really should be part if equality in a relationship, but that's not quite the topic at hand.). Life is all about balance and really, as should all forms of relationships be. Have hobbies, have fun, have your time, but know that in a relationship, both must be able to relate and an obsessive hobby would certainly take away from that(Even if you have the Common interest.). If you don't mind not being equal in your partner's eyes, go for the inevitable disappointment.

Nov 14, 17 at 12:58am

Well I'd be more akin to say that they are not worth your time but for the most part I agree

Nov 14, 17 at 6:49am

I would rather date someone who doesn't mind watching anime and japanese stuff, but isn't obsessed. It is kinda cringy.
It is fine to have things you love, but if you are a lot more interested in them than in me, it just ain't gonna work out, cuz i am selfish :P

Nov 14, 17 at 7:14am

Yup. This stuff isn't limited to just anime, my last ex was a huge fan of Twenty One Pilots and loved the singers way more than she loved me.

Nov 14, 17 at 10:14am


That's exactly what I implied by saying you're not worth their time aka they don't value you enough to put real effort and time into.

Nov 15, 17 at 12:13am

Thanks for the replies, guys.

I used to love watching anime with her and I didn't mind her having multiple anime crushes. However, she was so obsessed with anime that after a while she put anime related stuff and writing fan-fics way ahead of me. It got so bad that she started to talk to me less and less. I did what I could to reach out to her, but she kept on ignoring me. After a while, I just gave up and we broke up soon after. It's a shame because that was the best relationship I've ever had (before she started ignoring me anyway). I'm actually kind of glad I'm not dating her anymore. She was nice and all, but I felt like I didn't matter very much to her.

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