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Teaching resources/ tutorials


Sometimes ya just want to get better. And whether that is through simple tutorials or full blown lectures it can help to draw experience from others. Blah blah blah. Here's a thread for tutorials. In hope that we all(myself included) can get better from them.

Also, please credit the artist or leave a link/way for others to find them..

Nov 03, 17 at 2:43pm

I'll try to bump this thread at least one of these a week


Nov 03, 17 at 3:42pm

As a frequenter of deviantART, I'll be posting as much as I can too.

By 'lucio-ashihara'

Nov 03, 17 at 3:46pm

All of these are by 'CourtneysConcepts'

Nov 05, 17 at 11:50pm

Art Fundamentals series by Swatches(fantastic resource if you're a beginner or looking to polish up). Many a people say that they don't know where to start or what their pictures are lacking. Well, these might help.

Nov 13, 17 at 1:25pm

For those of us who like a better look at composition in reference to interesting dynamics and perspectives. Simply changing how you look at something can make it more interesting :3

Nov 15, 17 at 11:44pm

Not sure how many of you like analysis videos but for those artists who like to have that WOW factor, I highly recommend this video. It goes into more detail about composition and flow. Whether you're a comic artist, do more standalone, or just enjoy talking art this vid is for you.

Nov 18, 17 at 12:30pm

Mar 11, 18 at 3:13am

Artist: Namgwon Lee
Anatomy Study. For those who are looking for a good reference for how the muscle connects to the body.

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Mar 11, 18 at 3:20am
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