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The Ancient Magus' Bride

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I decided to create an entire thread to this show because I think it is just that spectacular.

It is alluring, mysterious, dark, possibly romantic, tragic, captivating, adventurous, slow, but fast, and ah much more!

The show always makes me think it is going to end with a cliff hanger and only 15 min have passed. Then I'm just writhing in nerves. Then the thing they were about to do, they do, but end on a completely different note that is like AHHHH I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!

Not to mention the art is splendid. It is bright and colorful, which seems to be needed. I honestly haven't been this excited about an anime in a long time! So far it seems to be different than anything I've seen. It has adventure, gaming anime like nodes, with almost romantic yet no way that's really dark, as well as an innocent creativity that is tainted and beautiful.

I can't explain it, all I know is you should watch it. I can't say the ending will be good, or if they'll give enough ep to finish it. BUT I do know that you should watch the first three pre episodes, get confused, and then watch then current series.

NEXT EP: They explain what a sleigh beggie watch it all and get excited for next week! I keep wandering every ep what it really means to be one, so I'm stoked they're finally explaining it!!!!!

SO FAR I give it a 10/10, however it could easily change with how the season progresses and the ending.

Note: I haven't read the manga, and if anyone has SPOILERS, DO NOT SHARE THEM!!!! I would encourage everyone to read the manga! I know I am trying to hold out so I can read it after the series ends, because I already know I won't get enough out of this! :)

Oct 29, 17 at 5:59pm

Definitley favorite new show this season. Im also enjoying how each week we learn something new about the world instead of knowing everything from the get go.

Oct 30, 17 at 12:04am

Oooh I totally agree. The art is really amazing and it's got this whole magical vibe *__*
Definitely recommend it to those hat aren't watching it yet!!

Nov 05, 17 at 9:36am

I went and saw the Crunchyroll sponsored movie at my local movie theater. It was fantastic!
The episodes this season are the movie broken down into episodes.

Nov 05, 17 at 3:21pm

What really!? It wasn't just the first three ep they released?

I just teared up at this ep...happy tears but sad. God i love this tragically beautiful anime... it's so gorgeous in art, story, and music <3

Nov 06, 17 at 7:23am

@ The sailing Teacup
Yeah, I saw the episodes you are watching now, back in July !
They also showed Children of Ether as well as a double feature.
web site for upcoming Anime's put to the movie screen.

Nov 10, 17 at 9:52am

Interesting how they referenced the cats of Ulthar.

Nov 10, 17 at 10:50am

Yeah, not only have I been waiting for this story to be adapted into a proper anime for a long time, it's also great to finally see an anime get fairy lore right. (Granted, animes like "Fairy and Earl" and "Flying Witch" that got really close, too.)

Anyways, I'm watching this one very closely. XD

Nov 10, 17 at 3:31pm

There have been some really good ones this year in my opinion, notably made in abyss, boku no hero academia,the ancient magus' bride, inuyashiki and someone recently recommended kabaneri of the iron fortress, which I haven't started but looks absolutely phenomenal from the trailer I watched.I think it may have come out last year, so I may be a little late on that one. I also heard they started shokugeki no souma back up again, which I'm really excited about.^_^

Nov 11, 17 at 6:24am

This series is absolutely amazing! I am really loving it so far. It is so different from a lot of the other series I am watching this season. It is really a breath of fresh air.

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