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Fire Emblem Heroes players out here?

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Oct 05, 17 at 12:09am

Not sure if mobile games count, but ive been playing it a lot lately! Anyone else play?

Oct 06, 17 at 12:26am

I am here. What would you like to know.

Oct 14, 17 at 12:06am

I don't play Fire Emblem Heroes but I am playing Fate/Grand Order. How is FEH?


I really like the tactical a battling in it. tried FGO but I think 2 gatcha games would be too much for me.

Oct 15, 17 at 12:08pm

I play it every day for a couple of minutes. it get pretty hard in the endgame which i like.

Oct 15, 17 at 7:29pm

Nice! Did y'all play the voting gauntlet?? I was on team Female Corrin omg


Aww rip I knew ninian would win I also play a few hours every day just merged my 2 lvl 5 sanakis together RIP still no hector


I will admit I have some badass units Genny, Delthea, Celica, Sanaki +1(my bae), Summer tiki, Effie, and a bunch of other 5 stars

Oct 16, 17 at 9:17am

I also have a lot of nice 5 Stars, like Olivia with Wo Dao who I use almost ALL the time, maybe until I get Inigo a Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept.
Some of my favorite ones are my Camilla, Spring Camilla, Athena, Young Tiki, and Amelia. I have a lot more but its hard to name them all. Maybe I'll screenshot them and post them at a later day!


All my 5 stars

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