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Anime that nees more seasons.

List any anime you all think deserves at least 1 more season than it has right now. I'd like to see everyone's thoughts
I'll start us off with one I just finished. There had better be a season 3 for Log Horizon eventually or I will be sincerely pissed off.
Sep 19, 17 at 10:13pm
No Game No Life Battle Programmer Shirase One Outs Attack on Titan Magic Kaito 1412 Oregairu Tzurezure Children Hero Academia Devil is a Part-timer A Certain Magical Index Overlord These, imo, are all highly deserving of sequels. Some of these will probably get one, others might not. BPS probably won't ever see the light of day again. Afaik One Punch Man is getting a season 2. The current season of Hero Academia isn't over yet, but it already deserves another season. Also... if I could just forget season 2 of Darker Than Black... I'd like for that to get a new season 2...
Too many to count, off the top of my head. D-Frag Ben-To Jojo (He acts like it isn't gonna happen) Keijo!!!!!!!! Kono Suba Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Mob Psycho 100 (allegedly in progress) And other things that had horrible anime endings Here's looking at you Needless and Soul Eater
D-Frag!!!! I loved the anime a ton yet there's so much more after that. I love short anime like Madoka Magica but a lot of them nowadays often have plenty of things to do with their story and it always sucks when they never go further.
Outbreak company Foodwars Overlord Samurai champloo Afro samurai Hellsing Prison school The devil is a part timer Gangsta
@InfernalMonsoon, What did you think of the D-Frag manga? I tried reading it, but it's super wordy and doesn't have that same snap I loved in the anime for me.
noucome shimoneta konosuba i haven't seen that much anime so i cant name any more
@DanieleTheOtakuDemiGod Dude I agree so much on Gangsta. Where the anime ended just made me sad and wanting more haha
Yu Yu Hakusho because the ending was way to rushed for my liking
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