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Sakurada (Sagrada) Reset

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I'm creating this thread because I wanted to bring some attention to this anime for those of you who may be missing it.

Sakurada Reset (Sagrada Reset)

Kei Asai lives in the oceanside city of Sakurada—a town where the inhabitants are born with strange abilities. On the school rooftop one day, he meets Misora Haruki, an apathetic girl with the power to reset anything around her up to three days prior. While no one knows when she has reset, not even Haruki, Kei can retain everything before the reset thanks to his own ability: photographic memory. After they successfully help someone by combining their powers, they join the Service Club to aid others in their town.

However, their club becomes involved with and begins completing missions for the mysterious Administration Bureau—an organization that focuses on managing the abilities in Sakurada and manipulating the town's events for their own ends. They may find out that there are more things at work in Sakurada than the machinations of the uncanny organization.


(PLEASE NO SPOILERS) If you want to discuss spoilers for the show, please use the 'Anime - Summer 2017' thread.

Aug 31, 17 at 8:29pm

In my humble opinion, this is by far the BEST anime so far this year.

The story seemed interesting and started out a little slow at first, but as it progressed... Geez, it drew me in more and more. Just when you thought you knew what was going on, everything got turned around on it's head. The more that was revealed, the more intense it became.

Oh the drama and intrigue. The intricacy of the plot's twists and turns was nothing less than outstanding. The writer did a spectacular job.

As this anime comes closer and closer to it's ending, each episode becomes even more and more of a cliff hanger.

And that's just the plot, with saying nothing of the characters and the animation which were both very nicely done.

Mystery, super natural powers, and a villain to hate with romance and rivalry mixed in. If you watch only one anime this year. This is my recommendation.

Now, I can't speak for the ending, because I haven't seen it. But I really enjoyed this one and hope the rest of you get the chance to as well.

Again... PLEASE NO SPOILERS... Don't ruin it for those who haven't seen it or read the Manga. Please be considerate to the rest of the community.... There is a thread if you want to talk about spoilers that have already aired.

Aug 31, 17 at 8:47pm

I'll watch it. But if this is some prank like the guy who recommended Boku no Pico to me then my revenge will be neither swift nor painless

Aug 31, 17 at 8:49pm

Lol... No prank. The plot really is that interesting.

Aug 31, 17 at 11:07pm

It's a masterpiece!!! Nobody should miss it, is highly recommended.

Sep 07, 17 at 7:45pm

One episode left, and true to form, just when I thought the ending was going to be anticlimactic...geez... it happened again... freaking cliffhangers.

Sep 09, 17 at 6:20am

It's good. Very dialogue heavy and intellectual, but good.

Got to be the most monotone protagonist duo in the history of anime though.

Sep 09, 17 at 7:58am

Yeah they kind of where, but they are intentionally that way, and not because of poor writing. Nearly every anime has a monotone side character. And they are often more liked than the main characters. This time the monotone character gets more of the spotlight.

Sep 13, 17 at 12:34pm

I was pleasantly surprised in the beginning and middle of this anime. The ending felt natural, but it also felt much too quick. It felt like the writer had let things get a little too out of control, and used their ending they had already planned on and tied it in quickly.

Sep 14, 17 at 8:02pm

I'm sold. I'll watch it later tonight.

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