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Chiptune VS. HQ digital music

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Usually most comments by various gamers I read on YouTube prefer chiptune over MIDI and other high-quality music. But some people my mother's age can't stand chiptune audio.

When it comes to music in general, most just focus on whatever is heard on many radios and even used in other media. Almost everyone wants lyrics.

IMO, I'm more into video game music found mostly in certain obscure gems, but also include some notable ones as well. They keep me focused on the road and other tasks, as well as calm myself down.

The most highly praised chiptune formats are the FC/NES APU, the MD/GEN YM2612 by Yamaha, and the SFC/SNES S-SMP.

Do you prefer chiptune or high-quality music?

Aug 28, 17 at 5:02am

Isn't chiptune music the same as MIDI? Anyways, I like high quality CD soundtrack when it's done right, but I have more sentiment for video game music from the 8-bit/16-bit era. CPS2 music is good, my favorites are actually Genesis/MD and SNES music. Still when madman geniuses like Yuzo Koshiro or Follin brothers and many many other talented composers were around, who pushed audio chips to it's limits.

My favorites:



Aug 28, 17 at 9:07am

Usually on the MD/GEN, I like these two:


And for the forgotten PCE/TG16:

But I usually find music on the Sharp X68000 the most interesting. Examples include Illumination Laser and Phalanx.


Nowadays chiptune has very much become a style, an artistic choice that a lot of smaller developers in particular use within their games today. Although I prefer my music with actual instruments, stuff like that but I find a lot of old video game music easy to like. I mean a lot of the old CastleVania and Megaman music is still popular for a very good reason.

Aug 28, 17 at 6:23pm

And several notable video game music composers are the most important and still usually keep the tradition active today.

From famous ones like Nobou Uematsu and Koji Kondo to underrated ones like Keishi Yonao and Toshiya Yamanaka. Some no longer live including Manabu Saito (Euphory, Jerry Boy), Azusa Hara (Chelnov, Midnight Resistance) and Ryu Umemoto (Grounseed, Akai Katana).

Aug 28, 17 at 6:42pm

I like chiptune in the eras it was used in but I vastly prefer the "high quality music" of videogames in the more modern eras.

Aug 28, 17 at 7:03pm

@Champloo Usually those are better, but most gamers I read comments from prefer even either generic or the most powerful Konami-style FC/NES APU.

But one advantage that contemporary games have is how much music they hold and what high quality sound files they use.

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