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Kanji - now or later

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Aug 22, 17 at 7:09am

Recently I started to learn -Japanese language. And I tried find some information about how should I learn Kanji. It looks pretty hard to remember, when I have bad memory and there is over 2000 to remember. I found conversation where people were arguing between learning kanji now with new words and giving some time to remember first in hiragana. How about this? And you have any tips to learn this? Or only way to learn those is repeat this until you memory?

Aug 22, 17 at 4:42pm

I've actually been learning Japanese lately too. I find what works best is learning a few new words at a time that I notice myself using in my normal life. I print out flashcards for them and learn to both read and write them while I learn the words. I actually make a card for each individual kanji, and a card for each vocab word. I use this site for learning how to write the Kanjis properly. Learning how to write them properly actually does help with telling similar ones apart. My best advice is practice, practice, practice. Every single day.

Aug 22, 17 at 4:53pm

Thanks. I will look at this. I'm learning Japanese around 5 days and most signs is not a problem for me now. So now will practice now more. Thank you

Aug 23, 17 at 2:29am

I hope you won't give up learning Japanese because of tons of kanjis,words,phrases,grammars you have to memorize. Writing kanjis isn't as important as recognizing kanjis in this era,I think.

Aug 23, 17 at 2:50am

Yea, with autowriting it is not that important how to write. Anyway I will learn how to write. It will be more easy to remember them. And will not give up that easily. Just cause of kanji. It will took my 2 maybe 3 years to learn a basics but will not give up.

Aug 24, 17 at 11:41pm

Well, I write/read Chinese which is Han Zi which is basically the same thing as Kanji, just that our whole written language is that. The writing tip I can tell you is that just remember that we write those characters stroke by stroke from left to right and top to bottom. You can google some stroke worksheets but just remember that no matter how complex the character may look, it's all the same eight strokes which follow the same stroke order rules.

Lol, I remember when I was learning characters like my name, my uncle would basically break it down like a story. Like so my name is 喻學理. The first character is like a garage next to a house and the door. The second one is like two people on top of a bridge with shells and a person standing underneath. The third is a person drawing on a canvas.

Dunno how helpful that is but I hope it helps! And like any other skill you want to learn in life, you gotta practice a lot

Aug 25, 17 at 6:57am

Xueli~I thought your Chinese name was 雪莉:)~

Aug 25, 17 at 11:34am

Nope, lol I'm stuck with the second character cause my family does that thing where each generation gets assigned characters from a specific poem and so on and so on. And my dad didn't like gender specific names so :p

Aug 25, 17 at 2:48pm

Bro I recommend you joining some facebook groups. There are groups out there with people in the same situation as trying to learn japanese and natural japanese speakers. It's worth checking them out.

Aug 25, 17 at 8:40pm

I've always been taught hiragana, katakana, and then kanji. You'll honestly just have to practice things till you have it all memorized and you could do it in any order you like but I find learning kanji after you have the other two down to be easiest.

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