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Made in Abyss

Aug 21, 17 at 8:08am

Who's watching Made in Abyss? It's my favorite anime this season. It has strong world building.

KurumiDragneel @kurumidragneel commented on Made in Abyss
KurumiDragneel @kurumidragneel
Oct 27, 17 at 2:53pm

heya! Definitely needs another season in order to answer a hell lot of questions.


Yes! Omg, the world of the Abyss is so incredible in it's design. It's simultaneously beautiful, fascinating and brutally merciless. I'm actually rewatching it with a friend that's watching it for the first time this weekend ^.^

LSP @lsp commented on Made in Abyss
Oct 27, 17 at 11:18pm

I still need to finish it. I'm on episode 7 but I loved what I saw. Damn real life getting in the way.

Jul 25, 20 at 12:31am

I'm going to hijack control of this thread for my use because I am too tired to make my own.

So I just caught up on the manga and find myself in a weird place.

Emotionally I am very attached to some of the characters, which is the sign of a great writer, but the level of brutality is steep.

People who casually watched the first season of Made in Abyss and thought it would only get a wee bit more gruesome are going to be in for a rough time whenever the show finally does pick back up.

I feel the level of dark subject matter goes passed Elfen Lied and I don't use that comparison lightly.

I just hope that the resolution of MIA is far more satisfying than EF.

Jul 25, 20 at 12:08pm

I remember watching it last year, it was superb. the graphics were out of this world.
I agree with the dark tint, I remember feeling like, I wanna be there and protect those kids, the stuff they were doing was beyond dangerous.
Still, once u get past the cringing, the story is really good, surprising and keeps you glued to the screen. Also, the scene with Reg and Rico in the pool at the end was so kawaiiiiiiiiiii :D

I`m envious of you guys that you still haven`t seen it yet.

Jul 25, 20 at 12:10pm

I can agree with that.

Jul 26, 20 at 3:00am

hahaha, was wondering when Nanachi would appear in this thread, now that`s one special and enigmatic character that stirs all kinds of feelings that maybe you`re better off leaving unexplored, unless you really want your shrink to get a new house by the beach :D


That sums up the entire theme of the story actually haha!

Reading the manga it does get fairly depressing.

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