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Aug 11, 17 at 12:14am

Hey guys and girls

So I'm a social worker by trade and as many people who go into the psychology and or social work fields, I went into it because of a desire to help others with similar things that I had to go through growing up.

For me growing up was tough because of an anxiety disorder and OCD. Nowadays its essentially a non issue for me, and that's why I like to help others with it. But I was curious as to if other people in the community had ever struggled with particular mental health issues. Not only have they struggled but what things (aside from anime) have helped them cope?

Lamby commented on Mental Health
Aug 11, 17 at 12:26am

i had generalized anxiety disorder, which did give me some ocd back in the day, but it didnt stick

meds are a key thing in coping with this xD with them im normal without im a mess xD

deep breathing is good and yoga helps alot

not to mention keeping a clear head and keeping in mind some of the random dread you feel is simply the disorder, and no ones actually been hurt, ect

gcons24 commented on Mental Health
Aug 11, 17 at 12:32am

Also good to remember that part of being human is feeling dread and anxiety. Some anxiety is totally normal and to be totally without it would actually be a sign of bigger issues.

Also meditation is good for it, I dont really do it but there was a time where I dabbled with it and it can help regulate stress. Im just not good at sitting and being still while trying to quiet my mind for an extended period of time. So that was a thing that never stuck for me, but it works great for some people.

Lamby commented on Mental Health
Aug 11, 17 at 12:36am

meditation actually made my anxiety worse

it made me feel vulnerable and exposed

gcons24 commented on Mental Health
Aug 11, 17 at 12:39am

Interesting, that's a new one for me. Did it make you focus on the things that made you anxious at all or anything as well? I don't mean to pry into your personal life, I'm just inquisitive and now curious about it.

Lamby commented on Mental Health
Aug 11, 17 at 12:42am

haha np

id try and clear my mind and thats what made things worse

Aug 11, 17 at 4:15am

How do i even get started?
I have social anxiety, eating disorders, depression, PTSD and i used to have Haphephobia (fear of skin contact). I haven't self diagnosed them, i think self diagnosis is bullshit.
I think the most hard thing to cope with was my phobia, which wasn't that serious, but thankfully, the therapy i attended really helped me and i'd like to think that i healed from it completely. Yes, it took time, but it was worth it. I used to freak out and get panic attacks everytime someone touched me, now i am totally okay with it. I recommend to everyone with similiar issues to go seek help from professionals. If it helped me, it can help you.
The other stuff, yes, i have taken medication, but it didn't do anything. Some stronger stuff prescribed only made me feel numb as hell.
I turned my attention to videogames, art, poetry and music. They really did help me get throughout a lot.

gcons24 commented on Mental Health
Aug 11, 17 at 6:13pm

Can I ask what it was about skin contact that male you uncomfortable? Was it a vulnerability thing? Or like germs maybe?

Aug 11, 17 at 7:07pm

Of course. It was a vulnerability thing, caused by past traumatic events.

Tamamo_no_mae commented on Mental Health
Aug 11, 17 at 7:10pm
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